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    Intota: View/Edit permission setting for Counter does not save

    • Product: Intota



    This is a known issue in Intota: setting a user's permission for Counter to View/Edit does not apply successfully even though the user interface indicates the setting was changed. The user will be unable to view or edit Counter reports.


    Defect Status

    Under investigation

    Replication Steps

    1. From the Intota home screen, click on Admin
    2. Click on User Accounts
    3. Click on the name of an individual to view User Details
    4. In the Permissions section click on Edit
    5. Under the Resource Management section locate the row for Counter and click on View/Edit to highlight it
    6. Click on Save
    7. Although the setting appears to have saved, the user will not be able to view or edit Counter reports


    Please contact Support for assistance. It is a simple configuration change on the backend. 



    • Article last edited: 05-Feb-2017
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