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    Intota: Management Reports

    • Product: Intota

    What types of resource management reports are available in Intota?

    You can generate reports detailing information from your Intota profile by clicking Reports on the menu bar and then selecting Management Reports in the submenu:
    Reports menu
    You can also use the Administrative section of your Intota home page to access Management Reports.

    From the Management Reports page, use the Select Report drop-down menu to choose the report you want to run.
    Management Reports list

    See below for a description of each report.
    After you select the report, you can add a custom Report Name if you need to distinguish between various reports. Then click Request Report.
    You will receive an email when the report has been generated and is available in the Reports page. (You can also click Refresh List to see if your report has already been generated and been made available.) Usually the report is available in less than a minute; even large reports can be completed within five to 10 minutes, but the actual time will depend on many factors including how many reports are in the queue ahead of your report and the amount of Intota data for that specific report.
    Reports are available as compressed (.zip) files. Click the report link to save the file to your computer. Once on your computer, you will need to uncompress (unzip) the file. Some computers automatically decompress a file when you try to open it; if yours does not, you may need to use an unzipping application. Once unzipped, the report is a comma-separated values (.csv) file, unless it's an SFX report, in which case it is a tab-delimited text (.txt) file.
    Reports are best viewed and manipulated with a spreadsheet program (such as Excel), although a text or database program will also work. With a spreadsheet program, you can more easily sort, filter, and delete rows or columns to display the information pertinent to your needs.
    Each report is available on the Management Reports page for 72 hours (three days) after it is generated. If you, or someone else in your library, generate the same type of report within 72 hours, both will appear on the list; just remember that the older one may contain incorrect data if any changes were made to your library's holdings between the times of the two reports.

    Report Descriptions

    This spreadsheet contains lists of each column (field) that are in the various reports.

    These are the reports that are currently available:
    Report Name Contents
    Additional Statistics Metadata Summary view of metadata (Access URL, login/password, and so forth) associated with an Additional Statistics Dataset.
    Contacts List of all contacts and details
    Cost Action Fiscal information and general details to support action on renewing or canceling a resource
    Cost Report - Details A report of all cost fields associated with all resources at various levels, subdivided by fiscal year, including information such as itemization, dates, notes, funds, reference IDs, and so forth
    Cost Report - General A report of costs associated with all resources at various levels, subdivided by fiscal year
    Cost Upload Required Fields Required fields for adding payments in bulk.
    Database Details Report This report contains a list of all databases to which your library subscribes (that is, all those databases that have Status set for anything except "Not Tracked"). The report Includes all information shown on the Database Details page of each database
    License Action Purchase dates, renewal dates and general details to support action on renewing a license
    License Data - General Details All fields in the General information portion of licenses
    License Data Uploader A report with all license fields. You can then modify current licenses and add new licenses, and then send back to us so that we can upload it
    License Information Report A report containing all fields in the License Data - General Details report and the License Terms - Material Usage report
    License Terms - Authorized Users Authorized users terms and conditions for all licenses
    License Terms - ILL Interlibrary loan terms and conditions for all licenses
    License Terms - Material Usage Material usage terms and conditions for all licenses
    Notes and Comments Report of all Notes and associated Comments
    Proxy Configuration Proxy details for resources to support troubleshooting proxy issues
    Resource Administrative Information Summary view of all resource administrative information such as URLs, usernames, passwords, and so forth
    Resource Renewal Checklists Report A list of each resource for which you've created a renewal checklist, the checklist items, whether each checklist item has been completed ("checked") or not ("unchecked"), and any notes about each checklist item
    Resource Renewal Report All renewal fields for each resource
    SFX Report
    This report contains your Intota holdings formatted for easy importing into the SFX knowledgebase, including fields for Identifier (ISSN or ISBN), SFX Status, and Date Threshold (start and end dates for journals, or publication date for books). You can select which databases are included in the report, and whether additional fields with Title, Status, and Title ID should be included for each holding.
    NOTE: The SFX Report is only visible to libraries that have selected SFX as their Link Resolver Product in the URLs section of Library Settings in Intota.  See more information about this report.
    Sharing and Inheritance If a library subscribes to Intota's Interlibrary Shared Resources feature set for sharing resources amongst profiles of libraries that work collectively, the manager library can utilize this report to see which resources have been shared with member libraries. 
    Tracked eBooks eBooks currently in your Intota profile.  ("Tracked" resources are those that don't have a Status of Not Tracked.)
    Tracked Resources eBooks and eJournals currently in your Intota profile.  ("Tracked" resources are those that don't have a Status of Not Tracked.)

    If you have Automated Holdings Management turned on for eBook resource(s) in your profile, this report will include information about Access (DDA or Owned) and License Type (information comes from the provider)


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