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Ingest of Large Files Failing Due to Time-Outs


Ingest is failing when there are large files, for example video files of over 1GB, with log entries like:

22/01/2016 10:51:05 AM : Exception during ingesting, Error unmarshaling return header; nested exception is: Read timed out


Ingest calls on this script:


The path to the file may differ on your server. Enter >j_bin at the terminal to change to the correct directory.

The TCP socket time-out threshold is configured in the script thus:


The default (as above) is 1,500,000 milliseconds, 25 minutes

If this value is lower than the above on your server, you should consider raising it to 1500000, or more if necessary.


It is not necessary to restart any Digitool processes or components after making this change

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