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    ProQuest and Ex Libris Support and Knowledge Services Integration FAQ

    • Product: Cross-Product


    What is the “ProQuest and Ex Libris Integration”?

    Following the ProQuest and Ex Libris acquisition, in order to provide all of our customers with the best, most efficient and highest quality services, we have determined that the former Workflow Solutions products: 360 Services, Summon, Intota, AquaBrowser and Ulrichsweb, will be better served under Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company.

    The integration includes the migration of all Support cases and tickets, as well as all documentation and knowledge articles to the Ex Libris systems.

    Support will continue to be provided by the current teams.

    All product functionality, including all Client Center and Intota services, has not been altered.

    Which services or systems have been migrated?

    For 360 Services, Summon, Intota, AquaBrowser and Ulrichsweb, all Support and Knowledge services have been migrated to the Ex Libris systems:

    • All product documentation

    • All product support services

    • All product implementation services

    • All Knowledge articles


    The following systems and services have not been migrated or altered:

    • Client Center

    • All other ProQuest products’ support and knowledge services (e.g. ProQuest Databases, ebooks, Dialog, RefWorks and Dissertations & Theses)

    What data/information was migrated?

    For 360 Services, Summon, Intota, AquaBrowser and Ulrichsweb, the following data has been migrated:


    From the ProQuest Support Center to the Ex Libris Support Portal:

    • All open cases/tickets

    • All resolved cases opened after January 1, 2015

    • All resolved cases opened prior to January 1, 2015 will be migrated gradually, but will be available if needed


    From the ProQuest Knowledge Pages to the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center:

    • All documentation

    • All knowledge articles

    • All training/certification sessions

    Where can I find my Support services now (access points)?

    For all documentation, training sessions and knowledge articles, access the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center at:


    For case/ticket management and opening new cases, access the Ex Libris Support Portal at:


    • All ProQuest websites will redirect to the Ex Libris Support Portal for case management for 360 Services, Summon, Intota, AquaBrowser and Ulrichsweb

    How do I log into the Ex Libris Support Portal?

             If this is your first time accessing the Ex Libris Support Portal:

    • Go to: 

    • Click on the “New to Ex Libris? Click Here” banner

    • Enter the email address used to access the ProQuest Support Center

    • If this email is not registered, try using your Client Center email or the email from which you send emails to Support 

    • You will receive an email requesting that you reset your password. Follow these instructions


    If you have already set your password:


    If you are an existing Ex Libris customer:


    Who to contact if I am unable to login?

    In the event you are unable to log into the Ex Libris Support Portal or encounter any other technical login issues, please email us at

    Please kindly provide your name, email address and institution/account name, in order for us to provide the most expeditious response.

    We will investigate the issue and have our team respond as soon as possible to resolve the matter.

    What should I do if I cannot find my cases after logging in to the Ex Libris Support Portal?

    Once you have logged into the Ex Libris Support Portal, we recommend reviewing the list of your cases to ensure all cases you expect to see, have been migrated.

    In the event that you cannot find specific cases you expect to see (please reference the above question “What data/information was migrated?” for the list of cases being migrated), please contact us immediately at

    Please kindly provide your name, email address and institution/account name, in order for us to provide the most expeditious response.

    What will be the communication channels?

    All product and content cases/tickets/issues should be submitted to the Ex Libris Support Portal for proper and expeditious handling:

    Ongoing communication and notifications from Ex Libris will be sent out proactively. If you have not received any email notifications from Ex Libris yet and would like to receive the next ones, please forward a message to and we will add you to our lists.
    An additional self-managed subscription option in the Ex Libris Support Portal (“Email Preferences”) will be made available as soon as possible.

    The existing listserv mailing groups will continue to function as they have and all Ex Libris notifications will continue to be sent via the existing listserv until further notice.

    Any general support questions can be sent to

    For technical system issues (for example: cannot log into the Support Portal), send us an email at



    Where can I find instructions on how to open cases on the Ex Libris Support Portal?

    General instructions on the usage of the Ex Libris Support Portal can be found in the Customer Knowledge Center, under the article “Support Portal User Guide”.   

    The pre-recorded session: “Introduction Video for 360, Summon, Intota, AquaBrowser and Ulrich’s Customers!” also covers this topic.


    How do I respond to email notifications from the Support Portal?

    The Ex Libris Support Portal will be sending out updates and notifications of case status changes and added comments from the Support Analyst from the email domain:

    Please discontinue any and all use of the current domain: This domain will be no longer available as of September 12, 2016.

    Can I still submit cases to the Support Portal from my email?

    The short answer is yes, but please read a little further for a more comprehensive answer. 

    The domain will no longer be available as of September 12, 2016.

    Below you will find the available email addresses to submit cases via email, based on region.
    BUT we highly encourage you to enter the Ex Libris Support Portal directly to open and manage your cases.
    When you open and manage your cases directly in the Support Portal, we can ensure speedier responses and more expeditious support services.
    Further, submitting a case directly on the Ex Libris Support Portal will allow you to properly select the relevant “asset”, meaning the product, as well as determine the case’s priority (low, normal, high or system/component down).

    Cases that are opened via email will unfortunately take longer to process, as they will require the necessary routing until they reach the appropriate team.
    Cases opened directly in the Support Portal will be assigned to the appropriate team, based on the information provided within.

    The available email addresses are:



    Email Address





    When responding to a system-generated email notification, the address is:

    Can I respond to email notifications sent to me from the Ex Libris Support Portal?

    Yes. The email you will be receiving notifications from will be

    Please be sure to add this address to your approved addresses list, so that notifications are not categorized as spam.

    We highly recommend avoiding the use of the Copy (Cc’) functionality. In the Ex Libris Support Portal there is a section titled “Additional Emails”, here you can add up to 5 email addresses of your colleagues whom you would like to receive all case notifications. You will continue to receive these notifications as the case submitter.

    Please discontinue any use of the email domain, as it will no longer be available as of September 12, 2016.

    If you have an existing email you would like to respond to, please copy the ProQuest Case Number and search for it directly in the Ex Libris Support Portal. Here you can continue all discussions with the Support analyst.

    What is happening with the Support 800 number?

    No changes have been made to the existing Support 800 number. You can continue to receive a response from the following number: 800 889 3358.

    Do I need to login to access product documentation?

    No, the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center is open and free, which means it is available to all institution staff, and is also fully searchable on Google!

    For the Knowledge Articles added on September 12, please note that the Google indexing process may take some time; please be patient if the Google search does not yield results in the first few days following September 12.


    I have a number of articles bookmarked, how can I easily update the URLs?

    Attached to this article you will find a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains a list of old article URLs and their new corresponding URLs, so you can copy a bookmarked URL, find it in the spreadsheet and then update your bookmark with the new one.

    Will the User Guide articles still be available as good resources providing a “table of contents” for a product’s most important articles?

    Yes, the user guides are available at the below links.  In the Knowledge Center, when you click on Product Documentation for a product, an overview of that product’s documentation will be available as well.

    I’ve relied on my own list of article numbers so I can easily find the articles, will those article numbers continue to work in the Knowledge Center?

    Yes, searching the Knowledge Center for an old ProQuest Support Center article number will work.  At the bottom of every article in the new support center you will see the old article number listed.

    Why is the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase labeled “360 KB”?

    In order to align with the naming of other Ex Libris knowledgebase products (e.g. SFX KB), the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase is being re-branded with the product focused name “360 KB”.

    How can I follow an article, like I used to be able to in the ProQuest Support Center?

    Currently the site does not provide the ability to follow an article, however we hope to be able to provide this functionality at a later date.  For the articles most heavily followed in the old support center (see below), we are able to provide previous followers with a monthly email notifying you that the articles have been updated.


    Note that we will also be sending out periodic emails with important updates made to other major articles.

    Will the Ex Libris Knowledge Center continue to provide help documentation for other ProQuest products like Academic platform (, Ebook Central and Dialog?

    The Ex Libris Knowledge Center for 360 Services, Summon, Intota and Ulrich’s will contain documentation only for those products.

    Please access the ProQuest Support Center for other product documentation.


    How do I provide feedback about the documentation in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center?

    At the bottom right of every page in the site, you will find a Feedback button.  Please include your email address if you want us to follow up with you regarding your feedback.



    • Article last edited: 08-October-2016


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