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    New to working with Support and not sure where to begin

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    I just took over for my predecessor and I'm not sure what I need in order to get help from Support. Where do I start?


    If you want to create or update Support Cases in order to get questions answered or issues resolved with help from Support, request a Support Portal login.


    Once you have a login, you can click "Submit a Case" from the Knowledge Center home page to be directed to the Support Portal. You can create new Cases, update existing Cases, or check the status of an existing Case (Case statuses explained)


    You can also access the System Status page from the Knowledge Center to view maintenance windows and planned service disruptions for environments hosted by Ex Libris. If you experience down time or a service disruption outside planned windows, follow procedures for alerting Ex Libris to the disruption.


    North American Support can be reached via phone, toll-free at 877-445-5693. Provide the analyst that answers the call with your active Case number to be put in contact with the Case owner.


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