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    How to allow other customers to view your Salesforce Cases


    Can we allow other customers to retrieve and view our Salesforce Cases?


    Yes.  Though we have been increasing the number of answers/solutions available to you through the knowledge articles, it would seem that increasing the availability of Case information to other customers could be a useful supplement to their and your tools.  

    You have the following options:

       At the Account level (at the very top of the Account record):

            Account Detail
                 Account Ownership and Relationships
                      Publish All My Cases
                      Publish My Future Cases Only

       And at the Case level (in the Case Details, immediately after the Case Description) for this individual Case
    only: "Publish to all".
    If you check the "Publish All My Cases", you will find that the "Publish to all" will be checked in each Case (-- though this may take a few minutes?). 



    One thing you might want to consider is whether you have passwords or other sensitive information in your Cases.  (We generally try to avoid this, but certainly there are some instances.)  To check, you may want to search your Cases for specific passwords.  You can then go into any such individual Case containing sensitive info and edit it or uncheck the "Publish to all" checkbox


    Additional Information

    A full guide to our support portal can be found here: Support Portal User Guide.




    • Article last edited: 22-Nov-2016
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