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    Become a Knowledge Center Contributor

    Option 1: Request a Knowledge Contributor user

    If you already have a Customer Portal user, this functionality is already available to you. 
    When you are logged into the Support Portal, you should see a Community Knowledge tab – this is where you can add, update and remove content. 
    If you do not see this tab, or if you need to reset your Support Portal password, contact for assistance with a resolution.

    To request a Customer Portal user which will allow you to contribute your Knowledge and publish your own Community Knowledge articles, please fill in the below form. The Ex Libris team will get back to you.

    Option 2: Request Ex Libris to publish your article for you

    If you would like Ex Libris to publish your article for you, please send us the article text as an attachment to the address:

    Please include the following information in the body the message:

    1. Author Name
    2. Contact Email
    3. Product
    4. Category (How To, Enhancements or Training Materials)
    5. Article title
    6. Article content

    Please note that you will not be able to edit/delete articles which are published by Ex Libris for you. For full publisher rights and functionalities, please follow option 1 above.

    Additional Information

    Before start writing your article, please read  the Community Contribution - Best Practices and Tips

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