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    The following areas are not included in this guide:
    • Installation elements of configuration that are carried out by your organization or by the campusM Implementation/Integration consultants following the Discovery Day that are not available in App Manager. These elements should be changed only after full consultation with campusM. Examples of this level of configuration include changing the name of the app or other details on the app store listing, language pack customization, configuration within the Connect layer and web services, Beacon configuration for attendance and touchpoints and provision for new apps.
    • Using web services. The web services are referenced throughout the document where their use is essential to the process but no further instruction is provided. Help calling and using web services is available from campusM by raising a Support ticket. See the campusM Support section below for further information.
    • Some areas are documented separately, such as Branding Guidelines and the campusM URL Scheme, and provided to the customer during the Discovery Day or as required. These areas are covered briefly in this guide.
    • Not all of the options in App Manager may be available to you as an administrator, based on your subscription licensing. This guide is intended as a generic guide and is not tailored to specific customer configurations. If you want to extend the level of your subscription licensing, then please contact your Client Success Manager (CSM).
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