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    Topology, Sandboxes


    What is a typical Alma topology?

    See Alma Topologies for details. 


    Does Alma support a sandbox environment?

    See:Alma Sandbox Environments for more information.

    What types of sandbox environments are there?

    How often is the sandbox refreshed?

    How can the library monitor its sandbox environment?

    You can view the status and history of your sandboxes, and the sandboxes of the institutions for which your institution is the contract lead, on the Sandbox Management page:
    The Show History button displays the Sandbox Management History page with historical information about the sandbox's refreshes:
    You can also add a widget with links to your sandboxes to the Alma home page:


    The widget includes status checkmarks and links to all relevant sandboxes, as well as a More Info link that opens the Sandbox Management page.

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