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    Trials and Evaluations

    Does Alma support management of trials and evaluations?

    Alma supports a comprehensive and sophisticated Trial workflow for e-resource material. The option to run a trial or evaluation prior to purchase significantly assists staff in the decision making process. Trials and evaluations can be limited to a select group of participants, or can be made open to the public
    The trial record includes a survey form with questions that can be defined for the e-resource package, or chosen from a pool of questions. Participants are notified of the trial and are requested to fill in the form. The results of the survey are automatically recorded in Alma, as can be seen in the following screen captures:
    For each response, the trial manager or operator has the option of clicking on the View button in order to see a graphic display of the response results. This can assist in formulating a decision about whether or not to subscribe to the package.

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