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    Configuring Statistics Notes

    To configure statistics notes, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Manager
    • Catalog Administrator
    • Repository Manager
    • Repository Administration
    Use statistics note configuration to identify specific item data that you want to analyze using Alma Analytics. The item data that you configure appears in drop-down list format on the Notes tab in the Physical Item Editor (see the Physical Item Editor Page - Notes Tab table in the Updating Item-Level Information section for more information).


    In order for the Statistics note 1, Statistics note 2, and Statistics note 3 configuration options to appear in the General section (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > General section), the statistics_note_controlled customer parameter needs to be set to true. See Configuring Other Settings (Resource Management) for more information.

    Configuring Statistics Notes for Item Analysis Purposes

    There are three separate statistics note configurations (Statistics note 1, Statistics note 2, and Statistics note 3) that you can customize. This enables you to capture three separate pieces of data in the Statistics Notes section on the Notes tab of the Physical Item Editor for each item that can be analyzed using Alma Analytics.
    Physical Item Editor Statistics Notes Section
    The steps to configure Statistics note 1, Statistics note 2, and Statistics note 3 are the same for each configuration. See the configuration procedure below.
    To configure statistics notes:
    1. Click the Statistics note 1 link in the General section of the Resource Management configuration page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu). The Item Statistics Note 1 code table page appears.
    2. In the Create a New Code Table Row section, enter a code and description for each option that you want to provide in the drop-down list for Statistics note 1 in the Physical Item Editor. The description that you enter provides the text that appears in the drop-down list. For each code that you enter, you must specify Yes or No for the default value. There can be only one default code.
    3. Click Add Row for each code/description/default value that you enter. The list of options that you create appear above this section.
      Statistics Notes Configuration Codes Entered
    4. When you are finished entering codes, click Save.
    5. Repeat these steps for the Statistics note 2 and Statistics note 3 configuration options.
    For information regarding import and translation options, see Code Tables.
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