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    Representation Label Templates

    The label of a representation is its precise description, which appears as part of the availability information. You can create a template that defines rules that can be used to auto-generate a label for partial representations. These representations are used when a bibliographic record is not fully represented by a single representation. For more information, see Editing Representation Metadata and Content.
    In a Network Zone, you can centrally manage this template in the Network Zone; see Managing Label Generation Rules Using a Network Zone.
    To create representation label templates:
    1. From the Representation Label Template Rules page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Representation Label Templates), click Add Rule. The following appears:
      Representation Label Template Setup Editor
    2. In the Name field, enter a name for your template.
    3. In the Input Parameters section, select a name, operator, and value from the drop-down lists and click Add Parameter.
      Repeat this step as necessary.
    4. In the Output Parameters section, select fields and enter the prefixes and suffixes you want Alma to use to create the representation labels.
    5. Click Show template to see an example of how the label will appear.
    6. Click Save.
    The template is available to create labels for partial representations.
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