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    Printing Book Labels Using the Label Printing Tool

    To configure the label printing tool, you must have one of the following roles:
    • API Label Printing Read
    • General System Administrator
    You can use the Alma Label Printing tool to print book labels. Download the label printing tool on the Download Label Printer page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Label Printing Tool).
    Download Label Printing
    Before downloading the Alma printing tool, ensure that you have Java 1.7.0_04 or later and a third-party, XML-based PC print solution, such as BIAF installed on your computer. If you want to use the Ex Libris provided BIAF spine label application, contact Ex Libris Support. Alternatively, you can use a solution such as SpineOMatic (recommended by Ex Libris) instead of the Alma printing tool. For information on SpineOMatic, see
    You can configure how call numbers are printed on the labels; see Configuring Call Number Parsing when Printing Labels.
    To download and install the label printing tool:
    1. On the Download Label Printer page, click Download.
    2. Open or save, then extract the files using your computer’s extraction tool or wizard.
    3. Complete the wizard steps to store the label-printing files and folders on your computer.
    4. Run run.bat from the bin directory from the location in which you saved the files. After the software is successfully installed, the Label Printer application opens to the default tab, Item Details.
      Item Details
    5. Click the Configuration tab to enter user and location information.
    6. Fill in the User, Password, Alma URL, and Institution fields. For the user name and password, enter the Alma credentials of the staff operator that uses the application.
    7. The Program Location and Program Parameters fields are for third-party print program. For the Program Location for BIAF, enter the location of AddToQueue.exe using the full path. for example: C:\BIAF\BIAFLABEL\AddToQueue.exe
    8. In the Program Parameters field, enter preview to enable preview before printing.
    To print labels:
    1. Open your label printing tool from an icon or an executable in the label printing tool’s folder.
      The Label Printer appears.
      Item Details
    2. Wand or enter either an item barcode or an item ID (PID).
    3. Click Send.
    After sending the barcode or item ID, the client application triggers an Alma Web service. The Web service returns the item information in XML format. Then the client application does one of the following:
    • Activates a configurable third-party print solution (such as BIAF) and sends the XML as input to that third-party solution
    • Places the XML on a client-side directory
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