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    Configuring Bibliographic Numbers

    To configure bibliographic numbers, you must have the following role:
    • Repository Administration
    The Bibliographic Number configuration option can be used to automatically generate a sequence of numbers to populate a control field in bibliographic records. Multiple named sequences can be configured with a set prefix and padding to generate numbers of a specific length.
    A Bibliographic Number configuration can be incorporated into a bibliographic normalization process. The BibGenerateControlNumberSequence normalization task has been created for this purpose. With the BibGenerateControlNumberSequence normalization task, a sequence number can automatically be generated and added to a 035 $a control number field.

    Configuring Automatic Sequencing Numbers for Bibliographic Records

    Use the following procedure to customize the automatic number sequencing for bibliographic records.
    To configure bibliographic numbers:
    1. Click Bibliographic Number in the General section of the Resource Management Configuration page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu). The Bibliographic Number Configuration page appears.
      Bibliographic Number Configuration Page
    2. Enter the sequence configuration to match your requirements. See the table below for a description of the parameters.
      Bibliographic Number Configuration Parameters
      Parameter Description
      Sequence Name Enter a name for the sequence that you are creating. Since multiple sequences can be created, this name helps you uniquely identify each sequence created.
      Sequence Start Specify the first number to start the sequence.
      Method Select the sequence method. The Prefix + Sequence option indicates that the sequence automatically generated will a number prefaced by a constant prefix that you specify in the Prefix parameter.
      Prefix Enter the prefix content that is to precede the number generated for the
      Padding Enter the number of positions to be padded with zeroes to precede the automatically generated sequence number. This parameter is optional.
      Add Parenthesis Select this check box to indicate that parenthesis should be added/surround the prefix.
    3. Click Add Row. Your sequence entry is added to the Sequence List section.
      Sequence List Section
    4. Repeat the above steps to create additional sequences.
    5. Click Save when you are finished creating sequences.
    After you have added a sequence configuration to the Sequence List, the following actions are available:
    • Edit
    • Set Next Sequence Value 
    • Delete
    Sequence List Available Actions
    When you select Set Next Sequence Value, you are prompted to enter and save the next sequence number value.
    Set Next Number Value
    This is useful if the sequence numbering scheme needs to change.

    Creating a normalization task with a bibliographic number sequence:

    In the Metadata Configuration, a normalization process can be configured to use the bibliographic number sequences that you saved.
    To create a normalization process with a bibliographic number sequence:
    1. Click Metadata Configuration in the Cataloging section of the Resource Management Configuration page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu) to open the Metadata Configuration List page.
    2. Click the link for the metadata profile that you want to configure with a new normalization process.
    3. Select the Normalization Processes tab and click Add Process.
    4. Enter the general information for the new process and click Next.
    5. From the Process List Pool section, select BibGenerateControlNumberSequence and click Add to Selection.
    6. Click Next. The Process Details page appears.
      Process Details Page
    7. From the drop-down list, select the sequence for this normalization process.
      Select Sequence Name
    8. Click Save.
    This process can now be used for normalization activities like enhancing a bibliographic record that you are cataloging.
    Enhance Bibliographic Record with Number Sequence
    035 $a Sequence Number Added
    The BibGenerateControlNumberSequence normalization task uses the following logic:
    • If the bibliographic record has no 035 $a, a new 035 field is created and $a is populated with the generated sequence number.
    • When the bibliographic ready already contains a 035 $a, the following occurs:
      • If the existing 035 $a uses the same sequence format (as identified in the normalization process), no action is taken. The same sequence format is determined by comparing the prefix content.
      • If the existing 035 $a uses a difference sequence format, a new 035 field is created and $a is populated with the generated sequence number.
    • In cases where the bibliographic sequence number is changed manually in a way that does not follow the structure of the defined sequence, it will not be treated as a bibliographic sequence number.
    • In cases where the bibliographic import process uses the match profile 035 (Other System Identifier) Match Method and detects that a sequence prefix of an imported bibliographic record matches the prefix of the selected Bibliographic Number sequence and, not only the prefix matches, but the whole sequence number already exists in another bibliographic record in Alma, the imported record updates the existing ALMA record.
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