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    Configuring Physical Item Inventory Numbers

    To configure physical item inventory numbers, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • Repository Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can set multiple number sequences that you can then apply to physical items. Each sequence may include a prefix. You can configure a sequence to start at any number, and you can configure the total length of the prefix + number. This enables you to use the numbers for filtering purposes when creating Analytics reports. When you delete a sequence on the Inventory Number Configuration page, you are asked to confirm this request.
    This feature provides libraries with the ability to comply with inventory control regulations by providing an additional, unique inventory number for each physical item.
    To configure physical item number sequencing:
    1. Open the Inventory Number Configuration page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Inventory Number).
      Inventory Number Configuration Page
    2. In the Library field, select the library for which this sequencing will be available. Multiple sequences can be available to each library. If you do not select a library, the sequence is available to all libraries.
    3. In the Sequence name field, enter a unique name for this sequence (up to a maximum of 255 characters).
    4. In the Sequence start field, enter the first number for sequencing (up to a maximum of 18 characters) such as 1 or 1000. This number must be a positive integer. Numbers increment by integers.

      Only one method is currently available (Prefix + Sequence).
    5. In the Prefix field, enter a prefix (up to a maximum of 255 characters) to identify physical items that receive a number from this sequence in Analytics reports. For example, USED-.
    6. In the Padding field, enter the total (minimum) length of the sequence number (up to a maximum of 255 characters). 0s are added before the digits to ensure that the sequence number has as many characters as the padding. For example, if the prefix is USED-, the sequence start is 1, and the padding is 10, the first number in the sequence will be USED-0000000001.
    7. When you are done, click Add Row. The sequence is saved.
    8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for each sequence. When you are done, click Save.
    To delete a physical item number sequence:
    To delete a sequence from this page, select Actions > Delete in the sequence row. This remove the sequencing option from the Physical Item Editor page. It does not remove the sequence numbers from any items.
    To reset the numbering in a physical item number sequence:
    At some point you may want to restart sequence numbering for a sequence. To do this, select Actions > Set Next Sequence Value in the sequence row, enter the new value in the Set Next Number Value dialog box, and click Save.
    Set Next Number Value Dialog Box
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