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    Using Duplicate Title Analysis

    To work with Duplicate Title Analysis, you must have the following role:
    • Repository Manager
    With Duplicate Title Analysis, you can run a job to create a report that identifies duplicate bibliographic records. Duplicates are determined by looking for a match on one of the following parameters:
    • System Control Number (035 field) with or without a prefix such as (oclc)
    • ISBN
    • ISSN
    • Other Standard Identifier (024 field)
    Duplicate Title Analysis
    After submitting a job, using Duplicate Title Analysis (Resource Management > Advanced Tools), the job results can be viewed from the History tab on the Monitor Jobs page (Administration > Manage Jobs > Monitor Jobs). The History tab can also be accessed from the Job History link on the Duplicate Title Analysis page.
    Duplicate Title Analysis Job
    For more information, see the Duplicate Title Analysis video (1:00 min.).
    To run a Duplicate Title Analysis job:
    1. Open the Duplicate Title Analysis page (Resource Management > Advanced Tools > Duplicate Title Analysis).
    2. Select one of the following options for matching duplicate bibliographic records:
      • System Control Number / Prefix
        The System Control Number parameter uses the MARC 21 035 field for determining a match. In addition, a prefix such as (oclc) contained in the 035 field can be specified to narrow the criteria used for matching on the 035 field. The Prefix field is optional.
      • ISBN
      • ISSN
      • Other Standard Identifier
        The Other Standard Identifier parameter uses the MARC 21 024 field for determining a match.
      Duplicate Title Analysis Parameter Selected
      The Preferred record parameter is not for general use at this time.
    3. Click Submit. The Running tab opens on the Monitor Jobs page showing the job status of Running (or Pending depending on activity in the jobs queue).
      Running_Tab_on_the_Monitor_Jobs_Page_for_the_Duplicate_Title_Analysis Job_02.png
      Running Tab on the Monitor Jobs Page for the Duplicate Title Analysis Job
    4. Select the History tab to view the job results when the job has completed running.
      History Tab on the Monitor Jobs Page for the Duplicate Title Analysis Job
    5. For the Duplicate Title Analysis job that you ran, select Actions > Report to open the Job Report page.
      Job Report Page for the Duplicate Title Analysis Job
    6. In the Counters section, click the link to open the Duplicate Titles Report in Excel .csv format.
      Duplicate Title Analysis Report in Excel .csv Format
      The report provides the following columns of information:
      • Group Number
        Matching bibliographic records are identified by the same group number in the Group Number column.
      • MMS ID
      • Identifier
        The value in the Identifier column is the value upon which the system found a match from the field that was selected for Detect duplication based on in your Duplicate Title Analysis job.
      • Title
      • Records in Group
        This column identifies the total number of records in the same group.
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