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Patron Deposits

New for May!
Patrons can submit digital content to Alma to be added to the repository using the Deposit interface.
To submit a deposit using the interface:
  1. Log on to the patron deposit interface The following appears:
    Create Deposit
  2. Click Create Deposit.
  3. Select a deposit profile. (For information on configuring deposit profiles, see Configuring Deposits.) The following appears:
    Deposit Details
  4. Enter a title, abstract, and note for the deposit.
  5. Drag and drop the files to be deposited into the gray area or click the gray area and select the files.
  6. Click Terms and Conditions to display the Terms and Conditions, and select the check box to indicate that you have read and agree to them.
  7. Click Submit to submit the deposit or Save as Draft to save the deposit as a draft.
    The deposit appears in the list of deposits.
    Deposits List
    You can click Edit to edit draft deposits and click Withdraw to withdraw them and remove them from the list of deposits.
Depending on the deposit profile configuration, deposits may need staff approval before they are submitted to the repository. For more information on Deposits, see Deposit.
After the staff member reviews your deposit, you receive an email indicating if the deposit is Approved, Returned, or Declined. The status of the deposit is indicated in your List of Deposits.
Deposit Returned
If a deposit is declined, you cannot resubmit an image with the request. If the deposit is returned, you can click Withdraw to withdraw it or click Edit, attach a different image, and click Submit to resubmit it.
You can view Approver notes by clicking Edit > Previous Notes.
Previous Notes
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