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    Working with Electronic Collection Bibliographic Records and URLs Added to the Community Zone

    Bibliographic records (descriptive records) for electronic collections and URLs are available in the Community Zone. You can expose and provide access to these bibliographic records and URLs to patrons via the discovery system. The bibliographic records and URLs are updated in the Community Zone as part of the CKB update process.
    Search for an electronic collection and select the Community tab. Click the Descriptive Record link to open the electronic collection's bibliographic record. See Performing Actions on the Repository Search Results Page for more information.
    From the Record View, you can copy the bibliographic record or link to it.
    Electronic Collection Bibliographic Record from the Community Zone
    In a Network environment, there is the additional Copy to Network option (see below).
    Electronic Collection Bibliographic Record from the Community Zone in a Network Environment
    When you activate an electronic collection from the Community Zone (see Activating an Electronic Collection Using the Activation Wizard for more information), the URL stored in the Community Zone for the electronic collection appears in the Electronic Collection Information section on the Activation Wizard page. To override this URL, enter a new URL in the Electronic Collection Level URL parameter.
    Override the URL as Part of the Activation Process
    As part of the activation process (see Activating Electronic Resources), you can also select a new bibliographic record for the Additional descriptive information parameter. The Mark Bib as suppressed is selected by default. If you choose not to mark the bibliographic record as suppressed, the bibliographic record is published to the discovery system and access to the electronic collection is available through the Alma Link Resolver by directing the user to the electronic collection level URL.
    If you need to override an electronic collection URL for an electronic collection that you have activated, you can do that using the Electronic Collection Editor and specifying a new URL for the Electronic Collection Level URL (override) parameter. For a local electronic collection, you can create and edit both parameters. See step 11 in Adding a Local Electronic Collection.
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