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    Contributing to the Community Zone – Local Electronic Collections

    Alma’s international user community has much insight into the needs of library patrons in their respective regions and globally. Alma enables libraries to contribute entire collections to the Community Zone, which allows all Alma users to benefit from this knowledge.
    Ex Libris requires that the submitted collections be:
    • Academic in nature
    • Relevant to other institutions (do not submit collections that are uniquely tailored to your institution)
    • Not already found in the Community Zone
    Collections that are contributed to the Community Zone should include:
    • A bibliographic record describing the collection
    • Portfolios that reflect all relevant content that can be acquired as part of the collection
    • A full bibliographic record for each portfolio within the collection
    • Linking information for each portfolio
    • Coverage information for each portfolio (serial content only)
    Every collection that is contributed to the Community Zone is reviewed by Ex Libris.
    The Ex Libris Data Services team responds to the submitter within five business days. Possible responses include:
    • Contribution approved
    • Contribution cannot be included in the Community Zone and a reason
    • More information is required
    In an upcoming release, the ability to contribute a collection with no portfolios that represents a database will be included.
    See the Community Zone Contribution Guidelines for additional background information and service-level agreement (SLA) details.
    To contribute local electronic collections to the Community Zone:
    1. Locate and open the local electronic collection that you want to contribute to the Community Zone.
    2. Click Contribute to Community.
      Contribution to Community Button

      The Confirmation Message dialog box appears.
      Contribution Confirmation Dialog Box
      The following appears in this dialog box:
      • Name of the electronic collection selected for contribution to the Community Zone
      • Number of portfolios in the electronic collection being contributed
      • Number of bibliographic records associated with the electronic collection being contributed
      • Notification that the contribution will be reviewed by Ex Libris

        The contribution is approved by Ex Libris after confirming the following:
        • Electronic collection is not already a part of the Community Zone
        • Linking verification
        • Note to Ex Libris (This note is viewable by Ex Libris during the review process.)
      When Alma finds matches for the bibliographic records associated with the portfolios, the following options are available:
      • Use community record
      • Do nothing (don't link the local bibliographic records with the community Zone records)
    3. Click Confirm to submit your contribution request. The following message appears: The collection contribution job submitted successfully. This means that your contribution request was submitted to the Community Zone institution for review. Once the review is complete, you receive a separate message confirming that your contribution was added (or rejected) to the Community Zone.

      After the electronic collection is submitted for review/contribution:
      • The Contribute to Community button is no longer available for the specific collection.
      • You can search for your contribution using the Community tab.
      Community Tab Search

      Your contribution appears in the Community tab search results with the status notation of Under Review. In the illustration below, the information includes which institution made the contribution. This information is visible to all institutions searching the Community tab. If the contribution is rejected, it is deleted and not visible from the Community tab.
      Contribution Status
    After the contribution is approved, the electronic collection becomes a standard Community Zone electronic collection.
    For the contributor, the collection appears in the Community Zone with the institution icon (Institution_Icon_2.png) and is shown as linked to the Community Zone in the Institution tab with the Community Zone icon (ALM_res_inventory.5.1.240.jpg).
    Contributed collections are currently not updated by Ex Libris. Customers are welcome to report changes to these collections.
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