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    Browsing the Shelf Listing

    The Browse Shelf Listing feature provides item-level call number browse capability from within the MD Editor for holdings information. This capability can also be accessed from the Resource Management Cataloging options.

    Using the Browse Shelf Listing

    To use Browse Shelf Listing:
    1. Click Browse Shelf Listing (Resource Management > Cataloging); or from within the MD Editor, click Tools > Browse Shelf Listing. The following options appear in the MD Editor:
      • Call Number Level
      • Call Number Type
      • Call Number
    2. Select one of the following filtering options from the Call Number Level drop-down list:
      • Holdings call number
      • Alternative call number
      • Temporary call number
      • All - This option provides blended results of all the call number options in the drop-down list.
    3. Select the call number type from the available options in the drop-down list. The list of options varies depending on what is configured for your system. Some possible options include:
    4. Enter a full or partial left-aligned call number for the Call Number parameter.
    5. Click Go.

    Working with the Browse Shelf Listing Results List

    The Browse Shelf Listing results list displays the following content:
    • The matching entry
    • The rest of the entries after the matching entry
    The results list is formatted with the following columns of information:
    • Call Number
    • Description
    • Library/Location
    • Level
    Browse Shelf Listing Results
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