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    Using the Repository Search

    This section includes:
    Alma’s repository search gives the Alma operator a single point of access to all forms of resources in a wide variety of business workflow contexts.
    The Alma repository includes bibliographic records, authority records, and inventory records (holdings and items for physical material and portfolios for electronic resources). The repository consists of the following catalogs:
    • Institution Zone
    • Community Zone
    • Network Zone
    Information in the Institution Zone is managed by the institution. Information in the Community Zone is managed by Ex Libris and synchronized with each Institution Zone on a weekly schedule. Institutions can review any changes/updates made in the Institution Zone and take certain actions such as unlinking their Institution Zone version from a Community Zone resource in order to create and maintain local overrides during regular synchronizations. (See Working with the Community Zone Updates Task List for more information about managing Community Zone updates made to the Institution Zone.)
    The Network Zone provides a shared catalog for collaborative networks. See Repository Search in Collaborative Network for more information regarding the Network Zone Repository Search facility.
    The Alma Community Zone incorporates global authority files from the Library of Congress (LC), the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), and the German National Library (GND). The Community Zone also includes the Central Knowledge Base (CKB). The Community Zone repository content enables validation of records (preferred/nonpreferred terms) and collection development (ordering physical and electronic resources). For additional information, see Working with Authority Records and Using the Repository Search Results List.
    For more information about the Community Zone, see the Alma Community Zone Intro and Task List video (14:10 mins).
    For searches outside the Alma repository, see Searching External Resources.
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