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    Using Scan In

    The Scan-In feature in Alma Mobile enables you to enter barcode information in one of the following ways:
    • Use the camera feature on your mobile device
    • Use a bluetooth-enabled, hand-held scanner that you have paired with your mobile device
    • Enter the barcode manually
    After configuring your Scan-In settings, you can:
    • Automatically have the system generate print slips for the items in your Pick Up from Shelf list (see Using Pick Up from Shelf for more informaiton)
    • Identify items used in-house
    • Display more information for scanned items
    Your configuration settings can be easily changed to dynamically meet the requirements that you have for the items that you are processing.

    Configuring Scan-In Settings

    Scan-In Settings provide the following options:
    • Automatically print slip - When you scan the barcode, Alma creates a print slip automatically. This is commonly used with the Pick Up from Shelf capability on your mobile device.
    • Register in-house use - Use this setting to identify items that have been browsed within the library when you scan the item's barcode.
    • More Info - Select this setting to display the request information about the scanned items that appear in the Scan-In page list.
      More Info Displayed in the Scan-In List
    To configure Scan-In settings:
    1. After you have logged in to the Alma Mobile app, tap the Scan-In icon. The Scan-In page appears.
    2. Tap the gear icon. The Scan-In Settings pane appears.
      Scan-In Settings Pane
    3. Slide to turn on one or more of the following:
      • Automatically print slip
      • Register in-house use
      • More Info
      • Place on hold shelf
        Similar to the Yes/No options for Place directly on hold shelf in the web-based version of Alma, turning on the Place on hold shelf option in Alma Mobile places the item on the hold shelf when scanned and a letter is sent to the patron indicating that the item is ready for pick up.
        Turning off the Place on hold shelf option in Alma Mobile identifies the item for on hold shelf processing. After the hold shelf processing is complete, the item needs to be scanned again to be placed on the hold shelf (with the appropriate options selected).
        The Place on hold shelf option in Alma Mobile is only presented when the circulation desk from which you are processing items is configured in the web-based version for Has hold shelf processing.
    4. When you are finished, tap the gear icon or anywhere outside the Scan-In Settings pane to return to the Scan-In page.

    Working with Scan-In

    With the Alma Mobile Scan-In feature, you can scan (or enter) item barcodes and perform actions on the items that you have scanned into the Scan-In list.
    To work with the Scan-In feature:
    1. Scan a barcode.
      1. Make the barcode field the focal point.
      2. Use a bluetooth-enabled, hand-held scanner that has been paired with your mobile device or tap the camera icon to use your mobile device's camera to scan the barcode.
      Camera Icon
      When you scan a barcode, the system automatically checks the database for the barcode and displays the item details that it finds or identifies the barcode as Not Found.
      If you manually enter a barcode, you need to tap Search to have the system check the database for the barcode.
    2. Perform item actions.
      1. In an item row, swipe at the right edge from right to left to display the actions that you can perform on individual items.
        Item Actions
      2. Click Clear or More (to display additional actions). More displays actions from the Scan-In Settings options that you may not have already selected as a default action.
        More Actions
      3. Tap the action that you want to perform for the row item.
      4. If you choose to take no action, swipe the row from left to right to remove the action buttons.

    Managing Your Scan-In List

    With the Pages icon, you can selectively delete items from the Scan-In List or you can choose to delete all the items in the Scan-In list.
    To manage your Scan-In list:
    1. Tap the the Pages icon.
      Pages Icon
    2. Tap one of the following options:
      • Selective Clear
      • Clear All
      • Cancel
      When you tap Selective Clear, delete icons appear next to each item in the list.
      Selective Clear
      To remove the delete icons from the display, tap Selective Clear, again.
    3. Delete items as needed.
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