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    Resolving Electronic Resources in the Network Zone

    You can configure (set retrieve_services_from_NZ to true; see Configuring Other Settings) OpenURL link resolving to include electronic services for electronic resources managed in the Network Zone.
    When enabled, any OpenURL request to the Alma Link Resolver checks the Network Zone to resolve electronic services that are available for the institution. The electronic services are presented in the View It tab of the Alma Link Resolver's services page.
    The following figures illustrate an example in which an electronic resource is available only in the Network Zone and not as part of an institution's own inventory.
    E-Resource Available only in Network Zone
    The figures below show a search within the Citation Linker for an electronic resource entitled "The Defender of Peace." The e-services available for this resource are resolved using the Network Zone and displayed in the View It tab.
    Search for E-Resource in the Member Institution
    Electronic Services Displayed in the View It Tab
    Ex Libris typically enables this configuration for a collaborative network prior to delivery.
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