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    Publishing Bibliographic Records from the Network Zone to Primo


    Publishing Records from the Network Zone

    You can publish records from the Network Zone and from all member institutions directly from the Network Zone using the Publish bibliographic records from Network Zone to Primo job. This helps prevent duplication of records that may occur in Primo if each institution in the network ran publishing separately. The records published include:
    • All records that are managed in the Network Zone.
    • All local records linked to the Network Zone. These records are enriched with local data from members (such as course information, local fields, availability, electronic availability, and so forth).
    • Each member’s local bibliographic records.
    Alma returns the MMS ID of the institution’s record in the MARC 001 field. In addition, Alma returns the associated MMS ID from the Community Zone and/or Network Zone in a MARC 035 field (when they exist). See Exporting Metadata.
    For more information on publishing to Primo, see Exporting Alma Records to Primo. To republish specific records, see Republishing Specific Records from the Network Zone.
    To publish bibliographic records from the Network Zone:
    1. Open the Publishing Profiles page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > Record Export > Publishing Profiles).
      Publishing Profiles Page
      The implementation version of this job allows you to run a separate job for a test environment.
    2. In the row that contains the Publish bibliographic records from Network Zone to Primo profile, select Actions > Edit.
      The Publishing Profile Details page appears.
      Publishing Profile Details Page
    3. Configure the following fields as described in the table below:
      Field Description
      Profile Details section:
      Profile Name and Description Update these fields as required.
      Scheduling Select one of the scheduling options that are preconfigured by Ex Libris staff.
      If you select Not scheduled, the export job will run only when you manually run it (select Actions > Run for the profile from the Publishing Profiles page).
      Email Notifications Opens the Email Notifications for Scheduled Jobs page, which allows you to specify which users and email addresses will receive email notifications when the publishing profile has completed. You will have the option to choose whether to send the notifications for successful jobs and/or jobs that contain errors.
      Status Select Active.
      Submission Format section:
      FTP configuration By default, the publishing process places the exported files in a directory that Primo uses to harvests the files. This field specifies a predefined profile that contains the FTP information. If the transfer fails, the system includes a link to the published files in the publishing report.
      The directory must be configured in advance because Alma cannot create it.
      From the drop-down list, select the name of the S/FTP connection that you previously defined.
      Sub-directory The subdirectory in which the exported files are placed.
      For example, if you specified Alma in the Sub-directory field during S/FTP connection configuration and you enter Primo in this field, the data is exported to the Alma/Primo directory.
      Content Options section:
      Related records information enrichment Whether related record information is included with the bibliographic records.
      Physical Inventory Enrichment section:
      Quick Add area Map holdings tags/subfields from the holdings record to tags/subfields in the published bibliographic record. After you enter the above mapping data, click Add to add the new mapping to the list.
      Full Option section:
      Run full publishing If this option is selected, the system publishes all records, replacing previously published data. If this option is not selected, the system publishes records that have changed since the last time they were published. This includes bibliographic records that were added, updated, deleted, and linked to inventory records that changed.
      Members section:
      Active Which members are actively receiving incremental updates.
      Run Full Publishing Whether full publishing should run for the specified member at the local level. To use this option, the Run full publishing for entire network check box must not be selected in the Profile Details section. For more information on this setting, see Run full publishing above.
      After the job executes, Alma clears the Run Full Publishing column so that shared records and incremental updates for all members are included the next time the job runs as scheduled.
    4. Click Save.
      The modified publishing profile appears activated on the Publishing Profiles page. Data that meets the defined criteria is exported to the specified FTP location when the profile is run (either manually or according to the selected schedule).
      Alma tests the FTP connection before running the profile. If the FTP connection fails, the profile is not run, and there is no resulting loss of data. If the FTP connection fails while the export job is running, the data that was in the process of being exported is kept and included in a subsequent successful export job report.

    Republishing Specific Records from the Network Zone

    The Network Zone can republish records independently from the central publishing process (Publishing Records from the Network Zone). The Network Zone republishes any records specifically marked by the member institutions.
    Only the relevant publishing jobs appear in each institution.
    • Network Zone -
      • Network Zone Republish Set of Titles - Publish marked records to Primo.
      • Network Zone Republish Set of Titles (impl) - Enables you to run the above job as a separate job for a test environment.
    • Member institution -
      • Mark records to be published by Network Zone - Mark a set of records for the Network Zone to publish.
      • Mark records to be published by Network Zone (impl) - Enables you to run the above job as a separate job for a test environment.
      • Primo Republish Set of Titles/Publish bibliographic records to Primo - Member institutions can publish records and publish sets directly to Primo using these jobs, which are initially hidden. To view these jobs, set the parameter hide_primo_publishing_options_for_network_member to false. See Configuring Other Settings
    To republish a set of records from the Network Zone:
    Run the required job as described in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    To mark records in a member institution for the Network Zone to publish:
    Run the required job as described in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
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