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    Centrally Managing Letters in a Network Zone

    To access this feature, you must have one of the following roles:
    • General System Administrator
    • Letter Administrator
    For more information about letters in Alma, see Configuring Alma Letters.
    You can manage letters in the Network Zone and distribute them to member institutions.
    The following conditions apply:
    • By default, local changes are not overwritten by the Network Zone. A member institution can "configure" a letter (even without making any changes) to prevent the letter from being overwritten. Selecting Actions > Restore in the member institution allows the Network Zone to distribute changes to the institution again. Restore in this case briefly restores the original (out-of-the-box) letter, but this letter is overwritten by the most recent Network Zone configured letter the next time the distribution job runs.
    • If the Network Zone administrator turns off the distribution job, letters on the member institutions are not restored to their out-of-the-box values.
    The Distribute Network Letter Template Changes to Members job distributes any changes made to letters in the Network Zone to the member institutions; see Viewing Completed Jobs.
    To centrally manage letters:
    1. In the Network Zone, find the letter template (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > General Configuration > Customize Letters) and select Customize > Actions > Manage in Network.
      Manage in Network
      A green check mark appears in the Managed in Network column for the letter.
      Managed in Network
    2. Perform any required customizations to the letter template.
    3. Click Distribute and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box to distribute the changed letters.
      The distribution job runs and the changed letters are distributed to the member institutions. The value Network appears in the Updated By column for changed letter template, both in the Network Zone and the member institution.
    4. To stop centralized management of a notification letter templates, on the Network Zone select Actions > Stop Network Managementfor the letter template and click Distribute and Confirm.
      Stop Network Management
      Letter changes performed in the Network Zone are no longer distributed to member institutions.
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