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    Centrally Managed Electronic Resources in a Network Zone

    In a consortia, you can negotiate licenses with vendors on behalf of multiple member institutions; this license is called a negotiation license. You can then link the relevant resources to this license, enabling the member institutions to order them under this license.
    Unlike other licenses entered into Alma that are used only for informational purposes, a negotiation license serves a functional effect in Alma: an electronic resource managed by the Network Zone cannot be ordered unless both the resource and the member institution are linked to a negotiation license. The resource must be activated in the Network Zone, and the member institution's license period must be current in the license.
    For more information about ordering electronic resources negotiated and managed by the center office in the Network Zone, see the Order E-Resources Negotiated and Managed in the NZ by a Member video (9:35 mins).

    Adding a Negotiation License

    The following role can add a negotiation license:
    • License Manager (for the Network Zone)
    To add a negotiated license:
    1. Log in to the Network Zone for your collaborative network.
    2. While adding a license (see Adding a License), the License type field appears in the Summary tab of the License Details page. Select Negotiation in this field. to add a negotiation license. Note: You can select License to add a standard license, as usual.
      License Details Page - License Type Field
    3. When you finish entering information, click Save. The license is saved and you are returned to the list of licenses.
    4. Select Actions > Edit in the license row to open the license.
      The Negotiation Details tab appear, in addition to the usual tabs.
      License Details Page - Negotiation Details Tab
    5. On the Negotiation Details tab, click Add Member.
      The Summary page appears.
      Summary Page
    6. Enter a member institution and any additional details for the license.
    7. Click Save.
    When editing a member institution, you can also add notes or attachments in the Notes or Attachments tabs, respectively. For more information on these tabs, see Common Alma Tabs.

    Linking an Electronic Resource to a Negotiation License

    Ordering a Centrally Managed Electronic Resource

    The following roles can order electronic resources associated with a negotiation license:
    • Inventory Operator or Manager (Institution Zone/Consortium Member)
    If an activated electronic resource is managed by the Network Zone and associated with a negotiation license, and your institution is listed and currently active in the negotiation license, you can order the resource for your institution.
    To order a centrally negotiated electronic resource:
    1. Log in to Alma as a member institution of a consortia.
    2. Search for the electronic resource in the Network Zone.
      Search of Network Resources
    3. Find the resource and click Order. The Order link appears only for resources associated with a negotiation license.
      Select Network Resource
      Your institution’s name and code appear in the Collection Available For filter in the left column and in the Available For field in the entry.
      Institutions That Can Order This Resource
      The PO Line Owner and Type form appears.
      PO Line Order Form
    4. Order the resource, as described in Manually Creating a PO Line. Alma creates a purchase order for the institution. This PO line is linked to the centrally managed inventory in the Network Zone. The Inventory tab of the Institution Zone PO line lists the Network Zone inventory to which the PO line is linked.
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