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    Configuring Fulfillment Information in the Network Zone

    To configure fulfillment information in the Network Zone, you must have the relevant role for configuring the table.
    You can manage entries for the following resource sharing tables in the Network Zone. These entries are then distributed to all member institutions by the Distribute Central Resource Sharing Configuration job.
    In addition, you can manage and distribute the following from the Network Zone to member institutions using the Distribute Network Fulfillment Changes to Members job. To configure this job, see Configuring Fulfillment Jobs.
    • Item Policies - See Configuring Item Policies
    • Terms of Use - See Configuring Terms of Use
    • Discovery Interface Display Logic Rules - See Discovery Interface Display Logic. The deactivation and deletion of institution rules at distribution time is controlled by the network_display_logic_distribution_members_behavior parameter. The Network Zone can also check the network_display_logic_rules_precedence parameter to determine which rules take precedence - the institution's or the network's. For more information on both parameters, see Configuring Other Settings.
      If a display logic rule is distributed from a Network Zone with a user group that doesn't exist in the member institution, the user group will be null in the rule. The rule will affect users with no group listed.
    Other fulfillment tables can also be managed in the Network Zone; see Centrally Managing Configuration Tables in a Network Zone.
    Shared entries are noted with a green checkmark on the relevant table or have the scope Network. You can use the entries as is on your local institution. Where relevant, you can select Actions > Duplicate in the local entry on the relevant page to create a local copy of the entry and change it according to your requirements.
    You can run these jobs by selecting Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Distribute Resource Sharing Network Configuration and Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Distribute Fulfillment Network Configuration. Click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box. (After the Distribute network fulfillment changes to members job runs, the distribute_fulfill_changes_last_run is set to the run date; see Configuring Other Settings.).
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