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    CAS-Based Single Sign-On/Sign-Off

    To configure a CAS type of integration profile, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Alma supports the CAS SSO profile. This enables Alma to exchange authentication and authorization information, allowing a user to sign in or out of an external system and be automatically signed in or out of Alma, or vice versa.
    For a detailed overview of CAS-based SSO, see the Developer Network.
    To configure a CAS type of integration profile:
    1. On the Integration Profiles page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles), click Add Integration Profile.
      Integration Profile List
    2. Add profile information, specifying CAS as the Integration Type.
      Integration Profile General Information Tab
    3. Select the Actions tab, and ensure that the Active check box is selected. Enter the CAS host URL provided to you by your CAS provider.
      Integration Profile Actions Tab
      For questions on URLs, consult your institution’s support staff.
    Following Alma profile activation and third-party configuration, your Alma login shortcut will be changed by your institution’s support staff the following URL:
    https://<Alma domain>/institution/<institution_name>/CAS
    Upon signing in to Alma, you are redirected to your CAS page to sign in. When sign-in is successful, you are automatically directed back to Alma.
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