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    Configuring the SWORD Server Integration Profile

    You can configure the Sword integration profile that allows you to use an API to submit files for deposit to the Alma repository.
    To configure the SWORD integration profile
    1. From the Integration Profile List (Administration > Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles), click Add Integration Profile. The following is displayed:
      SWORD Integration Profile
    2. From the Integration Type drop-down list, select SWORD Server.
    3. Enter a description and click Next. The following, for example, appears.
      You can only define one instance of the SWORD Server integration profile. Therefore, the Default check box has no functionality.
      SWORD Integration Profile Definitions
    4. Select Active or Non-Active.
    5. Enter a user name and password.  
      You use the base URL with the user name and password in your SWORD client's configuration to deposit files into the Alma repository.
    6. Click Save.
    For additional information concerning the SWORD API, see the Developer's Network.
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