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    Upload Electronic Holdings from Ovid

    With the Ovid integration profile, you can automatically update your Ovid electronic portfolios and, thus, eliminate the more manual workflow you currently use. The Ovid integration profile uses the KBART format to retrieve institution-specific portfolios. It is also designed to specifically identify the subscription and purchase values in the KBART notes field for monographs in order to manage the Ovid subscription and Ovid purchase electronic collections separately. See the Prerequisite Tasks for Creating the Ovid Integration Profile section and the Creating the Ovid Integration Profile section for information regarding prerequisites and creating the Ovid integration profile.
    For more information on uploading electronic holdings from Ovid, watch the Upload Electronic Holdings from Ovid video (2:27 mins).
    When Ovid provides a file with two entries that represent two different portfolios with different coverages for the same bibliographic record and each entry refers to a different ISBN and the Upload Electronic Holdings job is run, one of the two portfolios will not be activated as expected.

    Prerequisite Tasks for Creating the Ovid Integration Profile

    Before you can begin automatically importing Ovid portfolios, you need to:

    Obtaining Your Ovid Account Information

    In order to create an Ovid integration profile in Alma, you need to contact Ovid Customer Support ( and have them set up and provide you with the following account information:
    • User name
    • Password
    • Ovid group name
    After you have obtained these log-in parameters from Ovid, test them using the following URL format:<Ovid group name>?UserName=<user name>&Password=<password>
    When user name is, password is testpassword, and Ovid group name is testOvidgroup, the URL would be formatted as shown below.
    When you execute this URL, you should receive a tab-delimited KBART file. If the URL does not process successfully, contact Ovid Customer Support for assistance.

    Activating the Ovid Electronic Collections from the Alma Community Zone

    The Community Zone provides the following Ovid electronic collections:
    • Books@Ovid Subscription Complete
    • Books@Ovid Purchase Complete
    • Journals@Ovid Complete
    Using repository search, locate these collections in the Community Zone and activate them prior to running the Ovid integration profile.

    Creating the Ovid Integration Profile

    After you have successfully obtained your Ovid account information and activated the Ovid electronic collections from the Community Zone, you are ready to create your Ovid integration profile in Alma.
    To create your Ovid integration profile:
    1. On the Integration Profile List page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles), click Add Integration Profile.
    2. For Integration Type, select the Upload Electronic Holdings option. The External System page dynamically updates and presents the proper parameters for an Upload Electronic Holdings type of profile.
      Upload Electronic Holdings Type of Integration Profile
    3. From the Vendor drop-down list, select OVID; and click Next. The External Systems section summarizes the entries you have made thus far, and the Actions section appears.
      External Systems and Actions Section
    4. Enter the user name, password, and Ovid group account information that you received from Ovid.
    5. Select the Active radio button to make this integration profile active.
    6. Select a scheduling option from the drop-down list to have this integration profile run automatically. Optionally, you may choose to run the integration profile manually by clicking the Run Now button.
    7. Click Save.
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