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    Sharing Alma Link Resolver Data Statistics with bX

    In April 2017, bX customers' Link Resolver Statistics external integration profiles were activated and their institutions' Alma Link Resolver data statistics are being shared with the bX community to enrich the bX recommender service.
    The information shared with bX from Alma is anonymous and does not include patron, IP, or institution details. Specifically, this is handled in the following manner:
    • Patron personal information (including username or user_id) is not stored when patrons use the Alma Link Resolver.
    • When statistics are sent to bX, the institution’s IP is not sent to bX. Instead null is sent. Also, the institution ID or institution name is not sent in the statistics data sent to bX.
    • During the process of loading Alma Link Resolver statistics to bX, the institution_id is included in the bX output file name; but this is only done to monitor that the data transfer to bX has been successful.
    • When the data has been loaded, bX puts all the statistics data from all available contribution files (from the various Alma contributing institutions) into a single pool under a general Alma institution name. This means the statistics data in bX is not associated with a specific per-institution identifier. It is only associated with the general Alma institution name.
    The job that shares the Alma Link Resolver data statistics with bX, Export Context object to BX job, is run as a scheduled job. See the Export Context object to BX job on the Viewing Scheduled Jobs page for more information.
    Only current and future statistics are shared. Historical data statistics are not shared.
    If you do not want to share your Link Resolver data statistics, you can mark your Link Resolver data statistics integration profile as not active.
    To mark your Link Resolver data statistics external integration profile as not active:
    1. Open the Integration Profile List (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems section > Integration Profiles).
    2. Select Actions > Edit for the bX Link Resolver Statistics external integration profile.
    3. From the Integration Profile page, select the Actions tab.
    4. For the Active Export Electronic Statistics to bX parameter, select Non Active.
      bX Link Resolver Statistics Integration Profile Page
    5. Click Save.
    The results of the Export Context object to BX job appear on the jobs History tab.
    To view the completion status of the Export Context object to BX job that shares your institution's Alma Link Resolver data statistics:
    1. Open the History tab on the Monitor Jobs page (Administration > Manage Jobs > Monitor Jobs).
    2. Select the appropriate date range for the job history that you want to view and click Apply Filter.
    3. Select the Data services Job Category option to narrow the selection of jobs that appear in the list.
    See Viewing Completed Jobs for more information.
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