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    Configuring the Validity of EBSCOhost Full Text URLs

    To configure the Link Resolver Plugin integration profile, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Alma supports the ability to check the validity of the full-text URL before presenting it to the end user through the View It services menu. This functionality is only available for EBSCOhost Full-Text URLs.
    The EBSCO Link Resolver Plugin performs external checks using an API that determines the most accurate available URL for the full text.
    To create an integration profile to enable the link resolver plugin capability with EBSCO:
    1. On the Integration Profiles List page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles), click Add Integration Profile.
    2. Select Link Resolver Plugin from the Integration Type drop-down list.
      Link Resolver Plugin Integration Type Option
    3. Select EBSCO from the Vendor drop-down list.
      Link Resolver Plugin Vendor Option
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select Active for the Status parameter.
      Link Resolver Plugin Status and API User ID Parameters
    6. Enter the API User ID provided to you by EBSCO. The API User ID is an EBSCO authentication string that is customer specific and consists of three parts, separated by periods, custid.groupid.profileid where:
      • custid is the EBSCO admin customer id
      • groupid is the Group ID in EBSCOhost where the database resides
      • profileid is the Profile ID in EBSCOhost where the database resides
      The following example illustrates this format: s123456.main.eit.
      The structure of this authentication string is identical to the target Information for Z39.50 Connections.
      Contact your EBSCO representative if you do not already have this information.
      Ex Libris uses the API User ID to retrieve the list of databases per customer. Therefore, the user ID should be the same profile used with EIT, and your EIT profile should include all the full-text databases.
      More information about setting up an EBSCOhost API (EIT) account can be found at
      More information about EBSCOhost API (EIT) can be found at
    7. In the Actions section, click Find All Services. This does a repository search for all services that use the EBSCO Link Resolver Plugin. Alma Advanced Search also provides the Link Resolver Plugin condition that you may use to locate electronic collections that have been updated by the CKB to use the EBSCO Link Resolver API.
    8. Click Save.
    Once you have configured the Link Resolver Plugin integration profile, the Link Resolver Plugin is used to validate the full-text link for those EBSCOhost collections that were defined by the CKB as applicable for the validation check. If for some reason the external checking process is unable to complete successfully, Alma defaults to its previous behavior (before the availability of the Link Resolver Plugin) of using the target parser in the CKB to calculate the link.
    Link Resolver Plugin Service Information on the Linking Information Tab
    From the Linking Information tab, you can also override the integration profile Link Resolver Plugin status by selecting either Active or Non-Active for that electronic collection.

    Additional Usage Information and Considerations

    • Local configuration – The Link Resolver Plugin parameter is provided as an option on the Linking Information tab of the Electronic Service Editor page when defining local electronic collections. Ex Libris expects that the services will be provided through the CKB and that use of this option locally will be limited and carefully/wisely used.
    • Parser parameters DB specification – When the DB specified in the Parser parameters on the Linking Information tab (see below) does not match what is found through the Link Resolver Plugin API validation, the results are filtered. That is, the link is calculated using the results from the external checking process performed with the Link Resolver Plugin.
      DB Specification in the Parser Parameters on the Linking Information Tab
      In cases where there may be a service disruption and the Link Resolver Plugin API is unable to complete the validation with an external resource, the available DB specification is used and is not filtered for display on the Link Resolver View It tab. Alma defaults to its previous behavior (before the availability of the Link Resolver Plugin) of using the target parser in the CKB to calculate the link.
    • Network Zone configuration – When implementing a Network Zone, the Link Resolver Plugin integration profile must be created for the network institution and for all the member institutions.
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