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    Publishing to KERIS

    To configure publishing to KERIS, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • Repository Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    Libraries in Korea can work directly with the KERIS central catalog and automatically publish holdings to the KERIS central catalog on an ongoing basis. This ensures that KERIS has timely and accurate holdings information for its centrally provided services.
    To configure a General Profile for publishing to KERIS:
    1. On the Publishing Profiles page (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > Record Export section > Publishing Profiles), click Add Profile and select General Profile. The Publishing Profile Details page appears.
      Publishing Profile Details Page
    2. Enter the publishing profile parameters to match your requirements for publishing to KERIS.
      • Depending on the type of records to be published, select MARC21 Bibliographic or KORMARC Bibliographic for the Output format parameter.
      • Select Z39.50 for the Publishing Protocol and enter the values that you identified/coordinated with KERIS for the following Z39.50 parameters:
        • Host
        • Port
        • Database Name
        • Group ID
        • User Name
        • Password
      • See the procedure in Publishing and Inventory Enrichment (General Publishing) for additional information regarding creating a General Profile.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Complete the following sections using the details provided in the procedure in Publishing and Inventory Enrichment (General Publishing).
      • Bibliographic Normalization
      • Physical Inventory Enrichment
      • Electronic Inventory Enrichment
      • Digital Inventory Enrichment
      • Collection Enrichment
    5. Click Save. The publishing profile that you created appears in the list of profiles on the Publishing Profiles page with the Actions options that include the Run option to run the publishing job for the profile that you created. When you select a Scheduling option in your publishing profile, the profile becomes a scheduled Publishing job (Publishing Platform Job <profile name>) on the Monitor Jobs page.
      Saved KERIS Publishing Profile
      Actions List of Options from the Publishing Profiles Page
      Scheduled Tab on the Monitor Jobs Page Filtered for Scheduled Publishing Jobs
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