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    Importing Elsevier Holdings

    You can both import and continuously update Elsevier electronic holdings by automatically retrieving the institution-specific holdings using an integration profile. For more information, see Setting Up Continuous Update for Elsevier Portfolios Using an Integration Profile.
    To configure automatic uploading of electronic holdings for Elsevier:
    1. Obtain an institution token from Elsevier. You can create an Elsevier token using the Elsevier admin tool. For more information, contact the Elsevier helpdesk for assistance.
    2. Confirm that the Elsevier collections for which you are updating holdings are active collections in Alma.
    3. On the Integration Profile List page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles) click Add Integration Profile to open the External System wizard for configuring an integration profile.
      Configuring Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profile, Part 1
    4. In the Integration type field, select Upload Electronic Holdings. The other fields on the page change to reflect your selection.
    5. In the Vendor field, select ELSEVIER.
    6. Add a description (optional) and click Next. The second page of the wizard appears.
      Configuring Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profile, Part 2
    7. Select Active to activate the profile.
    8. In the Institution token ID field, enter the institution token you obtained in step 1.
    9. Select the file format.
    10. Select a scheduling option from the drop-down list to have this integration profile run automatically. Optionally, you may choose to run the integration profile manually by clicking the Run Now button.
      After you save this profile, you may use the Run Now button (located on the Actions tab of the saved profile) to run the job manually by selecting Actions > Edit for the ELSEVIER job from the Integration Profile List .
    11. Click Save. The integration profile is scheduled and appears in the list of integration profiles (below) and the list of scheduled jobs (see Viewing All Scheduled Jobs). The profile runs as scheduled to keep your Elsevier holdings up-to-date.
      Upload Electronic Holdings Integration Profile in Profile List
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