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    Configuring Fulfillment Activities – Overview

    Fulfillment represents the culmination of many of the library’s processes and patron-facing activities, such as organizational infrastructure, acquisitions, and user management. The infrastructure for the fulfillment workflows (which include loaning, requesting and the handling of requests, returning, reading rooms, and course reserves) involves the configuration of the following:
    • Locations, circulation desks, and fulfillment units
    • Service relationships and transit times between these units
    • Policies and rules for loans and requests
    • Resource sharing partners
    • Printers
    This section describes how to configure the various fulfillment functions. See the Alma Glossary for definitions of these functions.
    Fulfillment activities are configured in Alma according to location. You configure the various fulfillment activities from the Fulfillment Configuration page (Fulfillment >Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu).
    On the Fulfillment Configuration page, the following appears:
    • A filter option, enabling you to display the configuration options for the institution or libraries within the institution
    • A list of the available configuration items
    The following table lists the configuration options.
    Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level See
    Library Library Details Library Configuring Libraries
    Opening Hours Institution/Library Configuring Libraries
    Relationships Library Configuring Fulfillment Relationships
    Transit Time Institution Configuring Transit Time Rules
    Circulation Desks Library Configuring Circulation Desks
    SIP2 Bin Configuration Institution Configuring SIP2 Bin Configuration
    Temporary Item Creation Rules Resource Sharing Library Configuring Temporary Item Creation Rules
    Locations Physical Locations Library Configuring Physical Locations
    Remote Storage Institution Configuring Remote Storage Facilities
    Physical Fulfillment Fulfillment Units Institution/Library Configuring Fulfillment Units, Policies, and Terms of Use
    Terms of Use and Policies Institution/Library Configuring Terms of Use
    Block Preferences Institution Configuring Block Preferences
    Auto Loan Renewal Rules Institution Configuring Automatic Loan Renewal Rules
    Item Policy Institution/Library Configuring Item Policies
    Advanced Policy Configuration Institution/Library Configuring Policies
    Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles Institution Configuring Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles
    Loan Recalls Configuration Institution Configuring Loan Recall Requests
    Request Task Name Institution Configuring Request Task Names
    Request Pickup Configuration Institution Configuring Request Pickup Rules
    Self Check Messages Institution/Library Configuring Self Check Messages
    Loan Anonymization Rules Institution Configuring Anonymization
    Patron Configurations Patron Groups Institution Configuring Patron (User) Groups
    Patron Limits Institution Configuring Patron Limits
    Loan Limits Institution Configuring Loan Limit Rules
    User Block Description
    User Block Definitions
    Institution Configuring User Block Descriptions and Definitions
    User Demerits Institution Configuring Demerit Points
    Digital Fulfillment Digitization Departments Institution/Library Configuring Digitization Departments
    Digitization Profile Rules Institution Configuring Digitization Profile Rules
    Access Rights Institution Configuring Access Rights for Digital Objects
    Copyright Declaration Institution Configuring Copyright Declarations
    Electronic Document Delivery Rules Institution Configuring Electronic Document Delivery Rules
    Copyright Publishers Institution Configuring Copyright Publishers
    Courses Processing Departments Institution Configuring Processing Departments
    Academic Departments Institution Configuring Academic Departments
    Additional Reading List Citation Statuses Institution Configuring Reading List Citation Statuses
    Course Terms Institution Configuring Course Terms
    Citation Attribute Types Institution Configuring Citation Attribute Types
    Citation Attributes Institution Configuring Citation Attributes
    Citation Attributes to Citation Attribute Types Institution Mapping Citation Attributes to Citation Attributes Types
    Default Copyright Status Institution Configuring the Default Copyright Status of Reading List Citations
    Locate Citation by Fields Institution Configuring Citation Matching Criteria
    Tag Mapping (appears after defining at least one tag)
    Configuring Citation Tags
    Resource Sharing Workflow Profiles Institution Configuring Workflow Profiles
    Copyright Institution Configuring a Copyright Statement
    Rota Assignment Rules Institution/Library Configuring Rota Assignment Rules
    Locate Profiles Institution Configuring Locate Profiles
    Shipping Cost Lender Rules Institution Configuring Shipping Cost Lender Rules
    Shipping Cost Borrower Rules Institution Configuring Shipping Cost Borrower Rules
    Sending Borrowing Request Rules Institution/Library Configuring Sending Borrowing Request Rules
    Patron Query Templates Institution Configuring Patron Query Templates
    Additional Requested Media Institution Configuring Additional Requested Media
    Requested Media Definition Institution Configuring Requested Media Definitions
    Levels of Service Institution Configuring Levels of Service
    Library Mapping Institution Mapping Alma Library Codes to External Library Codes for Libris ILL
    Brief Audit Fields Institution Configuring Brief Audit Fields
    Resource Languages Institution Configuring Resource Languages
    Item Policy Exceptions Institution Configuring Item Policy Exceptions
    Request Form Type by Genre Institution Configuring Primo Request Form Type by Genre
    Copyright Status Institution Configuring Copyright Statuses
    Discovery Interface Display Logic Display Logic Rules Institution Configuring Display Logic Rules
    Labels Institution Configuring Labels
    Related Records Institution Configuring Related Records for Electronic Services
    Direct Linking Institution Configuring Direct Linking
    General Electronic Services Institution Configuring General Electronic Services
    Online Services Order Institution Configuring Online Services Order
    General Electronic Services Order Institution Configuring General Electronic Services Order
    Locations Ordering Profile Institution Configuring Locations Ordering Profiles
    Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    Primo View to Libraries Institution Mapping Primo View to Libraries
    Hold Request Form Customization
    Booking Request Form Customization
    Digitization Request Form Customization
    Institution Customizing Primo Request Forms
    Resource Sharing Form Customization Institution Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Forms
    General Fulfillment Jobs Configuration Institution Configuring Fulfillment Jobs
    Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    Printers Institution/Library Configuring Printers
    Article Form Mandatory Fields
    Book Form Mandatory Fields
    Institution Configuring Article and Book Form Mandatory Fields
    Primo Fines & Fees Currency Symbols Institution Configuring Primo Fines & Fees Currency Symbols
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