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    Matching Reading List Citations to Inventory in Bulk

    To run the citation inventory enrichment job, you must have one of the following permissions with an institution-wide scope:
    • Course Reserves Operator/Manager
    • Fulfillment Services Operator/Manager
    • General System Administrator
    When citations are added to reading lists, they are usually matched automatically to inventory if a single match can be found. Alma does not automatically match citations if this feature is turned off, or if there are no matches, or multiple matches, for a citation. For more information, see Managing a Citation's Attachment to an Inventory Item.
    You can match inventory to citations in bulk by running the Citation Inventory Enrichment job page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Bulk Citation Inventory Enrichment).
    Bulk Citation Inventory Enrichment Job Page
    On this page, you can match all citations in courses starting on or after a certain date and ending on or before a certain date.
    You can add optional criteria:
    • A specific course
    • Reading lists with a specific status
    • Citations with a specific status
    To match citation to inventory in bulk:
    1. On the Citation Inventory Enrichment job page, select the dates for the courses whose citations you want to match to inventory. All courses that start on or after that date you set in Courses Starting on or After and ending before the date you select in Course Ending on or Before will be processed.
    2. Optionally select additional matching criteria for the citations.
    3. Click Run Citation Inventory Enrichment Job and click confirm in the confirmation dialog box. The job starts.
    The job also (re)connects to inventory any citations that were manually disconnected from inventory.
    Information about the running job appears on this page, as well as on the Running/History tabs of the Monitor Jobs page (see Viewing Running Jobs). Click Refresh to update the page.
    When the job completes, click View Report to see the job's report. The job report includes the number of records processed and how many match attempts succeeded or failed.
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