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    Items Requiring Action

    To run the Items Requiring Action job, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Requests Operator
    • Fulfillment Services Manager
    • Fulfillment Services Operator
    You configure criteria for items requiring action on the Items Requiring Action page.
    Files are created according to the criteria you define and are uploaded to an FTP site using the connection type you specify. From this location, you upload the files into a scanning device. The device is passed over resources and notifies you when a resource matches the criteria in one of the files.
    This functionality can be used when taking inventory or creating shelf reports. It enables you to create lists of physical items which, according to Alma, should not be in a given shelving location. By comparing these lists against inventory actually found on the shelf, such as with a hand-held scanning device, you can identify items which may require some action – either to their current status in Alma (such as Lost or Missing) or to their physical location (such as items belonging to other libraries or items that are currently requested).
    To create a file of items requiring action:
    1. On the Items Requiring Action page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Items Requiring Action), select the criteria for the items you want included in the file:
      • S/FTP connection type – Select a connection type, from a list predefined by an administrator (see Configuring S/FTP Connections)
      • Items that do not belong to the current library – When selecting this option, the Library field is displayed, enabling you to select a library. Items that do not belong to the selected library are included in the file.

        A separate file is created for each library to which the items belong, and the code of the library is included in the file name.
      • Items that are marked as missing
      • Items that have requests waiting for them
      • Items that are on loan
      • Items that are claimed to be returned
      • Loaned items that are lost

        A file is created for each check box selected. Barcodes listed in the files/reports are items that, according to Alma, should not be on the shelf.
    2. Click OK to create a job for the files. The job appears in the table at the bottom of the page.
      Items Requiring Action Page
    To view details of a job, click View for the relevant job. The Job Report page appears, displaying details of the job, including the number of items processed successfully and unsuccessfully.
    Job Report Page - Items Requiring Action
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