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    Sending a Borrowing Request


    Sending a Request for an ARTEmail or ISO partner

    1. On the Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests Page (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Borrowing Requests), click Send for a request. When sending to an ARTEmail partner, the Parameters tab of the Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests page opens.
      Resource Sharing Borrowing Parameters Page
    2. Select one or more loan parameters in the Service codes and Query codes sections.
      The service codes and query codes displayed depend on those configured in Fulfillment Configuration when configuring Resource Sharing Partners (see Resource Sharing Partners). For an explanation of the service and query code values, refer to the British Library’s Guide to ARTEmail.
    3. Select a delivery format code in the Delivery Format Codes field.
    4. Select the requesting customer in the Customer Id field.
    5. Click Save to save the request with the selected parameters, or click Send to save the request with the selected parameters and send the request to the ARTEmail or ISO partner.

    Sending a Request for a CCC GetItNow Resource 

    This enhancement allows libraries to use the CCC GetItNow service in a mediated manner, in cases where they do not want to have this as an open service to all patrons. It integrates seamlessly into the resource sharing workflow as detailed below.
    To utilize the CCC GetItNow service:
    1. Activate the relevant CCC GetItNow electronic collection that is managed in the Community Zone.
    2. Create a new resource sharing partner for the CCC GetItNow Service.
    3. Create a resource sharing borrowing request with the CCC GetItNow service selected as the partner. From the electronic portfolio, access the CCC GetItNow link in a browser and submit the article request.
    4. Once CCC GetItNow sends the article's access link, copy the link into the externally obtained dialog box to send an email to the patron with the link to the article.
    To suppress it from the View It tab and make it available only to resource sharing staff, the collection may be activated without externalizing its availability. For more information, see Adding a Local Electronic Collection in the .
    For more information on configuring the CCC GetItNow partner, see Resource Sharing Requests in the Alma Integrations with External Systems Guide.
    To send a request using the GetItNow service:
    1. Create a borrowing request.
      There are six required fields for the GetItNow service: Article/Chapter Title, Journal Title, Volume, Issue, Start Page, and Publication Date.
      Click Add partners and select a partner with a profile type External System.

      Partner list.PNG

      Partner List
    2. Click Send for the request. The electronic portfolio page appears.

      Electronic Portfolio page.PNG

      Electronic Portfolio Page
    3. Click Link to Service to display information about the article. The operator uses the CCC interface to request the article.

      Article Information.PNG

      Article Information
    4. On returning to the resource sharing task list, a new action is available, Externally Obtained. Click this link to display a send email window. Enter the URL supplied by the GetItNow service in this window, and send the URL to the requesting patron.
      Externally Obrained Dialog Box.PNG
      Externally Obtained Email Dialog Box
    5. Selecting the Complete box marks the request as Completed once you click OK to send this email to the patron. The following is a sample of the email.

      GetItNow Patron Notification Email.PNG

      Patron Notification Email
      For more information on requesting a CCC GetItNow resource, see the Support for CCC GetItNow Service in Resource Sharing video (4:05).
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