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    Broker Based Resource Sharing - Lending

    The checkout process starts when the request is submitted to the broker and a lender is assigned the request. The lending library receives the new request, and the operator at the lending library starts the checkout process described below. Digital and physical workflows are supported in this process.
    Actions are taken on the received messages. Please refer to the Developer Network for a detailed description of how Alma identifies these messages as related to requests for digital supply:
    The following is an illustration of the resource checkout workflow when a resource sharing request is submitted by a broker:
    Broker Lending Workflow.png
    Broker Item Checkout
    The broker lending workflow describes the entire lending workflow including steps that take place entirely in the broker system. Those steps that take place in the broker system are indicated in the blue-shaded boxes. The process of fulfilling a lending request occurs at the lending library after a resource sharing request has been created. The following is a detailed description of the steps within this workflow (with the numbers corresponding to the numbers in the diagram):
    1. The broker updates the request status to Document Received.
    2. The broker may send an RequestItem message to Alma.
    3. A pick slip may be generated from either the broker system or from Alma. If the pick slip is generated in Alma, a move request is also created. The item then follows a standard fulfillment lifecycle for pickup at shelf, scanning items, and shipping items.
    4. The broker sends a CheckOutItem message to Alma. For a physical request, the broker confirms that the item is checked out in Alma. For a digital request, the request will be marked completed as long as Receive Digitally is not marked in the Workflow Profile. This actions is equivalent to a shipping action, see Shipping Items.
      For more information about digital document delivery of resource sharing requests, see the More Information About Digital Fulfillment of Resource Sharing Requests video (18:43 mins).
    5. For renewal:
      1. When the borrower requests a renewal, a RenewItem message is sent from Alma to the borrowing broker. The message includes item information and the desired due date and is sent for all NCIP system types. You must configure the Broker System NCIP URL in the partner record to successfully send this message (see NCIP Parameters).
      2. The lending broker sends a message to Alma, where the lending request is either approved or rejected.
      3. When the broker on the borrower side receives an approval of the renew request, Alma is notified with the RenewItem NCIP message.For more information, please see More Information About Resource Sharing Broker Renewals.
        For more information about renewals in a broker system, see the More Information About Resource Sharing Broker Renewals video (17:02 mins).
      For recall:
      1. If a shipped item is requested by a local patron, the recall is issued from the lending institution's Alma to its broker system. The RecallItem message is sent to the lending broker.
      2. The lending broker notifies the requesting institution that an item has been recalled.
        For more information about recalls in a broker system, see the More Information About Resource Sharing Broker Recalls video (13:15 mins).
    6. An operator at the borrowing library receives the checked out item from the patron for check in and ships it back to the lending library. The broker’s loan tracking updates the request status to Returned.
    7. The broker sends an CheckInItem message to Alma. Broker confirms that the item has been checked in to Alma. In Alma, the lending request is marked as Completed, and the loan’s status is marked as Released.
    For a broker lending demo, see the More information About Broker Resource Sharing (Lender Demo) video (17:38 mins).
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