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    Broker Based Resource Sharing - Borrowing

    Broker Borrowing Workflow.png
    The broker borrowing workflow describes the entire borrowing workflow including steps that take place entirely in the broker system. Those steps that take place in the broker system are indicated in the blue-shaded boxes.
    For additional details on the broker-based protocols of NCIP, Libris, and SLNP as well as their integration with resource sharing requests, see the Developer Network.
    For details on the configuration settings that must be invoked in Alma to enable integration with the broker, see Configuring Alma/Broker Integration.

    Borrowing Request Creation 

    This section refers to steps 1-4 of the broker borrowing workflow diagram.
    This section describes a sample workflow for submitting resource sharing requests using a broker. 
    The requesting patron submits a resource sharing request to a broker in one of the following ways:
    • Using Primo, PC, or any OpenURL enabled system, such as Google Scholar (with complete metadata) or using the citation linker (with incomplete metadata). The request is then sent to and accepted by the broker.
      Clicking a broker link transfers the patron out of Primo and directly to the broker system.
      Primo RS Request Get It 3.png
    • Using the broker's system directly, log in to perform a search and submit a request.
    On initial request submission, the broker updates the request status to Document Received. Most broker systems do not notify Alma about the request at this point, but rather at the time of receiving items. Following the request submission, the broker system handles the rota management and sending the request to the lending institution. 

    Receiving Items 

    This section refers to step 5 of the broker borrowing workflow diagram.
    The actual receiving process is carried out in the broker system. The broker system then sends an AcceptItem message to Alma. 
    • For a physical request, the broker confirms that a brief bibliographic and item record is created in Alma, and a resource sharing borrowing request and internal hold request are created for the patron.
    • For a digital request, the request is created with a digital format. Based on the broker configuration for the automatic receive parameter, it may be marked as completed when the request is created.
      For more information about digital document delivery of resource sharing requests, see the More Information About Digital Fulfillment of Resource Sharing Requests video (18:43 mins).
    Actions are taken on the received messages. Please refer to the Developer Network for a detailed description of how Alma identifies these messages as related to requests for digital supply:

    Manage Loan  

    This section refers to step 6 of the broker borrowing workflow diagram.
    Once a requested item has been received, it is handled as any regular fulfillment item. It is added to the standard hold shelf item list and appears on the active hold shelf or expired task lists. The patron loan will be executed through the patron services workbench. For a digital request, if the automatic receive parameter in the broker configuration is set to no, the staff manually flags a receive action for this request. 
    The patron return may also be done through the patron services workbench or the Return Items interface

    Recall/Renew Items

    This section refers to step 7 of the broker borrowing workflow diagram.
    For loan renewal, a RenewItem message is sent to the broker, which then notifies the lender that a renewal has been requested. When the lending institution responds to the broker to either approve or reject the request, the broker returns the message to Alma with the lender's response.
    For loan recall, if a lending institution issues a recall, the broker will send a RecallItem message to Alma.
    For more information about renewals in a broker system, see the More Information About Resource Sharing Broker Renewals video (17:02 mins).
    For more information about recalls in a broker system, see the More Information About Resource Sharing Broker Recalls video (13:15 mins).

    Return Item to Lender 

    This section refers to step 8 of the broker borrowing workflow diagram.
    The return process is controlled by the broker system. The broker sends a CheckinItem message to Alma. This message triggers Alma to close out the request and delete the temporary items that were previously created. The temporary items are:
    • A temporary BIB record, which is automatically suppressed
    • A temporary holding
    • A temporary item
    • A hold request linked to the temporary item
    For a broker borrowing demo, see the More information About Broker Resource Sharing (Borrower Demo) video (25:35 mins).
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