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    LC Classifications

    Each book has a call number that consists of letters, whole numbers, and sometimes a decimal number. Each call number is arranged into at least two lines. The first line is referred to as the top line. The second line always begins directly after the cutter symbol. A cutter symbol is a period followed by a letter.
    Alma takes LC classification information from the holdings level. Alma stores four levels in the LC classification dimension. For example:
    • PS American literature
      • PS501-689 Collections of American literature
      • PS537-574 By region
      • PS538-549 North
    This is presented in Alma Analytics as follows:
    LC Classifications
    Each level is referred to by a numbered group (Group1, Group2, Group3, and Group4).
    Using this dimension, the user can drill down from Group1 to Group4. In each level, the user can see measures accumulated to the relevant group.
    LC Classifications
    Field Description Additional information
    Start Range Stores the start range of the group such as PS501  
    End Range Stores the end range of the group such as PS689  
    Classification Code Stores the letters in the beginning of the range such as PS  
    Start Range Number Stores the numbers that come after the letter in the start range  
    End Range Number Stores the numbers that come after the letter in the end range  
    Group1 Stores the name of the first level  
    Group2 Stores the name of the second level  
    Group3 Stores the name of the third level  
    Group4 Stores the name of the fourth level  
    Classifications Stores the Hierarchy column that allows the user to drill down from the first level of the classification to the fourth level. Using this column provides the user with the option to view the accumulative measures  
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