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    Displaying Analytics Reports in Alma

    You can display Alma Analytics reports as a widget in the Alma home page and from the Analytics link at the top of every page. Only reports can be displayed as widgets, but both reports and dashboards can be displayed from the Analytics link.
    To display an analytics report in Alma:
    1. From the Alma Main menu, click Administration > Analytics > Configuration Menu > Analytics Objects List. The following is displayed:
      Analytics Objects List
    2. Click Add New Analytics Object. The following is displayed:
      Add New Analytics Object
    3. Fill in the following fields:
      • Title – the title of the report or dashboard
      • Analytic Folder – the folder in which the report or dashboard that you want to schedule is located.
      • Name – select the name of the report or dashboard. The list of names comes from the folder you selected.
      • Type – select one of the following from the drop-down list:
      • Dashboard – to display a dashboard in the Analytics link in the Alma header
      • Report – to display a report in the Analytics link in the Alma header
      • Widget – to display a widget in the widget list when clicking Add Widget from the Home Page.
      • Description – Enter a description of the report or dashboard.
    4. Click Add Role.
    5. Select the roles for which you want to have the report or dashboard displayed.
    6. Click Add Role.
    7. Click Save.
    If you selected to display a report or dashboard in the Alma Analytics link, the Analytics link appears at the top of every page in Alma. Click the link to display a list of reports or dashboards to display:
    Analytics Link
    If you selected to display a report as a widget on the Alma homepage, see Configuring the Home Page Notification Widget for information on how to display the widget.
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