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    Configuring Primo Central to Use the Institutional Holdings File

    In order for Primo Central to update the status indicators for the institutional holdings, it must know where the published holdings file is stored. Although the holdings file should be updated weekly, this configuration needs to be set only once, which may occur while registering your institution with the Primo Central service.
    • You can assign only one institutional holdings file per Client UID (or PC Key). If you are already a Primo Central customer and you want to use the PC for Alma, you must register a new client, get a new PC Key, and link the PC Key to the Primo institution that is integrated with Alma. This will also allow you to create an independent environment to test the integration of Alma and Primo Central.
    • For multicampus configurations, a Primo institution must be defined for each PC publishing profile in order to register separate holdings files per inventory management group. For more information, see Alma Multicampus Setup in Primo.
    To set the URL of the holdings file:
    1. In the Primo Back Office, click Profile next to the PC Key field in the Institution Wizard (Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard). This button does not display until you have registered your Primo institution to use Primo Central.
      The main menu on the My Profile page opens to update your Primo Central settings.
    2. Click My Client Applications to display the list of clients associated with your institution.
    3. Select the client application that was used to register the Primo Central service in Primo.
    4. Click Edit Client Attributes.
    5. In the SFX institutional holdings file URL field, use the following format to enter the URL for the holdings file:
      For standard configuration:
      https://<Alma domain>/rep/getFile?institution_code=<Alma_Institution_Code>&file=institutional_holding
      For multicampus configuration (member_code should be set to the name of the PC publishing profile):
      https://<Alma domain>/rep/getFile?institution_code=<Alma_Institution_Code>&file=institutional_holding&member_code=<profile_name>
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