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    Configuring the WPM Education E-Payment System

    The WPM Education E-Payment System allows Alma users to pay fines and fees using My Account in Primo. Once the request is initiated in Primo and processed in the payment system and Alma, both Alma and the WPM Education E-Payment System send payment receipt emails to the user.
    The WPM Education E-Payment System must first be configured in Alma to enable online payments. The Pay Fine link must then be configured in Primo. For details, see Configuring the Pay Fine Link.
    The following role is needed to configure the WPM Education E-Payment System:
    • General System Administrator
    To configure the WPM Education E-Payment System in Alma:
    1. On the General Configuration page (General > General Configuration > Configuration Menu), click Integration Profiles under External Systems. The Integration Profile List page opens.
    2. Click Add Integration Profile. The first page of the External System wizard opens.
      External System Page 1
    3. Perform the following actions on this page:
      1. Enter a code and name for the WPM Education E-Payment system.
      2. From the Integration type drop-down list, select Online Payment.
      3. Select WPM Education from the System drop-down list.
      4. Click Next.

        The External System - Actions Section opens.
        External System Page 2 - Actions Section
      5. Select WPM Education from the Fines and Fees Payment Type drop-down list.

        The WPM Education Definitions subsection appears in the Actions section.
        External System Page 2 - WPM Education Definitions
    4. Enter the required fields on this page. Much of this information is specific to your institution and must be provided by the online payment system provider.

      The Redirect URL field allows the online payment system to redirect the patron to the specified URL after the transaction has completed.
    5. Click Save.
    Note that Alma always sends payoption="L" in the XML and that this is not configurable.
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