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    The Primo View It Tab

    The View It tab (which displays on the Services Page and during the discovery of local Alma records in Primo) can list up to 25 services and related services, which allow users to access or view the resource:
    Example Electronic Resource
    If configured, additional services may also display in the View It tab. For more information, see Adding a General Electronic Service.
    • The View It service can be integrated with any third-party discovery system that is configured to use a SAML-based identity provider for both Alma and the discovery interface authentication. For detailed information, see
    • It is not recommended to perform searches on different tabs in your browser and request View It or Get It information from a tab in which the last search was not performed.
    For more information on configuring the look and feel of the View It tab, see Branding the Delivery Tabs.

    Displaying License Information

    Alma allows you to display an online resource's license information in the View It tab. The displayed terms of the license can be configured in Alma, as well as the license-related labels that display in the View It tab.
    Show License Link in View It Tab
    After the user clicks the Show license link, the name of the link changes to Hide license, and the license information appears as configured in Alma:
    License Terms Displayed in View It Tab
    For more information, view the Display License Information in the View It Tab video (5:02 mins).
    To configure the display of license-related information, the following roles are necessary:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    To display license information in the View It tab:
    1. Specify which license terms to display in the View It tab. For information on the Display to Public field, see To add a license term:.
    2. If needed, modify the license-related labels, which are defined by the codes that contain a c.uresolver.viewit.license prefix. For more information, see Configuring Labels.
    3. On the Fulfillment Configuration page (Fulfillment > Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu), click Other Settings under Discovery Interface Display Logic.

      The Other Settings page opens.
      Other Settings Page under Fulfillment Configuration
    4. Select the Enable display of license information check box.
    5. Click Save.
    For more information on configuring the license terms in Alma, see Managing License Terms.
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