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    Direct Linking to the Patron Purchase Request Form

    Primo allows you to create a direct link to the Patron Purchase Request form in Alma instead of using the Citation Linker page to access it. For more information about patron purchase requests, see Patron Purchase Requests.
    To add the Patron Purchase Request button to Primo’s Front End:
    1. In the Primo Back Office, click Edit to your view in the Views Wizard (Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard).
    2. Continue to the Tiles Configuration page in the Views Wizard.
    3. Select Home Page from the Page drop-down list to list the tiles associated with your view's home page.
    4. Click Edit Tile in the row containing the Main Menu tile.
      The Edit Main Menu Attributes page opens.
    5. In the Create new Label section, enter the following fields:
      • Label – Enter a display label for the Patron Purchase Request button.
      • URL – Enter a URL to access the Patron Purchase Request form, using the following format:
        For non-PDS authentication:
        For PDS authentication:
      • Link – Specify whether you want the results of the citation search to open in the current window or a new window/tab. The default value is current window.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Save and deploy your view.
      The link appears in the main menu:
      Patron Purchase Request Link Example
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