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    Citation Linker

    The Citation Linker lightbox allows users to search for citations of type article, book, and journal via a form in order to view full text or request additional services (such as ILL).
    Citation Linker Lightbox - Journal Tab
    Because Alma only supports the Exact precision option for title searches, the precision drop-down field does not appear in the lightbox for Alma users.
    For information on configuring the Citation Linker, see Configuring the Citation Linker.
    Note that in order to be able to search by Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the Citation Linker you must have a Resolver Augmentation integration profile. This integration enables querying the CrossRef database using a DOI to obtain complete article-level metadata. For information on configuring this integration profile, see Alma Resolver Augmentation.
    To use the Citation Linker to make a resource sharing request:
    1. Click Citation Linker in the Primo Front End.
      Citation Linker Button
      The Citation Linker lightbox opens.
      Citation Linker Lightbox
    2. Enter the search information and click Go.

      The results for the selected item display.
    3. In the item’s results, click the Get It tab.

      The available request links display in the Get It tab.
      Get It Tab Request Links
    4. Click the Resource sharing request link.

      The Resource Sharing Request form displays in the Get It tab.
    5. Fill in the Resource Information and Delivery Information sections and click Request.

      An acknowledgment appears in the Get It tab.
      Request Acknowledgement Message
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