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    Configuring Real-Time Availability

    Primo uses real-time availability to ensure that the status of physical items is current. Alma has an API that enables Primo to check the status in real time. For more information about real-time availability, see Real-Time Availability. This section explains how to configure real-time availability in Primo for Alma.
    To configure real-time availability for Alma:
    1. Update the Locations tile in the Views Wizard to enable RTA in the Brief Results and full display.
      Locations Tile in the Views Wizard - Enable RTA
    2. Make sure that the RTA URL field is defined correctly on the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard page.
      Institution Wizard - Setting RTA Base URL
    3. On the Advanced Configuration > General Configuration Wizard page, select the RTA subsystem, type normalization_rules in the RTA method for mapping data field, and then click Save & Continue.
      General Configuration Wizard - Setting RTA Mapping Method
    4. On the Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables page, select the Adaptors subsystem and edit the RTA Adaptors table.
    5. Enable the Alma adaptor and then click Save.
      RTA Adaptors Mapping Table - Enabling the Alma Adaptor
    6. On the Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables page, select the Back Office subsystem and edit the Real-Time Availability (using normalization rules) table.
    7. Enable the Alma source system, configure the following fields, and then click Save:
      • Mapping Set Name – Type the name of the normalization rules set.
      • Data Source Code – Type the code of the Alma data source.
      • Active Y/N – Select this field to activate the normalization rules.
      RTA (Using Normalization Rules) Mapping Table
      If a change is made to the normalization rules that affects the display/availlibrary PNX field, you should deploy this table.
    To check real-time availability results from Alma:
    1. Use the following URL to access the Front End that is used for Alma:
      https://<Alma domain>/view/publish_avail/X?op=publish_avail&doc_num=<intellectual_entity_id>&library=<institution code>
    2. Perform a search to verify that the availability statuses are updating correctly in the brief and full displays.
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