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    Removing the Locations Tab

    Because Alma includes the location information in the Get It tab instead of the Locations tab, the Locations tab is not used and should be hidden in the view. This is accomplished by modifying the CSS styles that are applied to the Primo view.
    To remove the Locations tab:
    1. Log on to the Back Office server as the primo user.
    2. Enter the following commands to access and open the CSS file that is used to customize your view:
      cd css
      vi <custom_CSS>.css
      It is not recommended to modify the default Primo CSS, which can be overwritten during updates. For more information regarding the customization of Primo views, see Customizing Primo's User Interface, The Standard Layout, Configuration Options, and New UI Customization.
    3. Add the following line to the CSS file:
      .EXLTabsRibbon div li.EXLLocationsTab {display:none}
    4. Save the changes to the CSS file.
    5. On the Primo Home > Deploy All page, select all options and click Deploy.
    6. Perform a search to verify that the Locations tab does not appear in the view.
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