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    Suppressing Alma Records from Primo

    You can suppress Alma records from Primo in the following ways:
    • Suppress all records at a physical location – Select the Suppress from Externalization check box for a location. For more information, see Editing a Physical Location.
      After a location has been suppressed or unsuppressed, you must execute the Primo Republish Set of Titles job in order to update the availability information for the holdings. For more information, see Republishing Sets of Bibliographic Records.
    • Suppress an individual record – In the MD Editor, select the Suppress from Discovery option for the holdings or bibliographic record. For more information, see Navigating the MD Editor Page.
    • Set one of the following parameters to true in Configuring Other Settings:
      • suppressBibWithDeletedHol – When set to true, suppresses the bibliographic record if the holdings record is deleted.
      • suppressBibWithSuppressedHol – When set to true, suppresses the bibliographic record if the holdings record is suppressed.
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